Digital Signature Software Features

Secured Signing’s core and advanced digital signature software features all in one place.

Core Features


Sign and seal documents as a sole signatory.


Send multiple documents together in a package to be signed.

SMS Authentication

Two-Way Authentication type to keep your Signing process more safe & secured.

Batch Signing

Speedy and Savvy process to sign all your pending documents.

Edit page Mode

Add more pages, remove pages, and change the order of your pages.


Invite others to sign documents.

Face to Face (F2F)

Get documents signed digitally when meeting in person.

Signing Order

Choose the signing order for a Signing process between your Invitees.

Needs to View

Add an Invitee to be part of the signing process without actually Signing

Personalized Email Messages

Add a personal message to your Invitee's email invitation


Invite a large list of signatories to sign.

Additional Recipients

Copy other people into the signing process, without requiring them to sign.

Email Templates

Customize your Invitation that works and complements your business processes.

Audit Log/ Trail

Keep track of your signed document's life cycle from when and where its created.

Signing Completion Certificate

In-depth document log report of the signing process

Adding a Reviewer

Add one or more reviewers to capture approvals

Smart Tag

Automates document creation, streamlining the invitation process.

Signature Verification

Verify the signatories’ authenticity and data integrity with our free service.

Add Attachments

Send files and documents to your Invitees with no extra costs.

Document Templates FormFiller

Get documents filled out and signed efficiently,

Document Witnessing

Unique signing workflow to handle witnessing process.

Team Features

Work seamlessly with your team and collaborate more efficiently.

Document Negotiation

Send multiple documents together in a package to be signed.


Automated reminders and notification to notify your team and client.

Advanced Features

Video Signing

Secure digital signatures with PKI encryption in real-time video calls to verify identities and prevent document changes.

SMS Authentication

Secured Signing’s SMS Authentication feature provides fast, secure & user-friendly workflow for you and your clients.

Contract Negotiations

Streamlined document workflow, from negotiation to secure digital signing, with the added benefit of quicker, more secure and simpler finalization of agreement details through document negotiation.

Public Form

Get public forms built straight in-to your company's system and send it out seamlessly with Secured Signing's Form Direct.

Video Confirmation

Video confirmation captures signer's identity, adds proof to PKI digital signatures. Unchallengeable proof of signer

Customised Workflows

Create your own signing workflows to match your document process. Include approvals, signing order, ID Verification, witnessing and so much more.

Notification Portal

Notify and inform other key staff who are not required to sign as part of a signing process but are required to be kept in the loop.

Signature Verification Service

Verify the authenticity of your signers and the maintenance of your document's data integrity with our free signature verification service.

Whiteboarding in RON and Video Signing

Allows you to draw, and add shapes, text, and more to your document to ease the communication between you and your signer.

ID Verification

Authenticate signers with biometric facial recognition for secure document access supporting more than 4,000 government IDs from nearly 200 countries

Form Creation

Create your own documents templates including form filling and signing. Choose from a wide range of field types and validations.

Document Witnessing

Secured and convenient digital witnessing with Secured Signing. Get Invitees' Witnesses sign wherever and whenever they are.

Secured Signing for CrimTrac

Complete and Sign CrimeTrac Forms Online that incorporates the highly secured Personalised X509 PKI Digital Signatures technology.

Our promise to continue innovating

Secured Signing leads the way in innovation, we are always working on new features. Your subscription updates automatically so you always have access to the latest features and best tools

Seamless Integrations

Easily send documents by integrating into all the tools you use everyday, including your proprietary company systems.