Document Templates (Form Filler)

For filling in Docx, Doc, ODT, ODS, Xls, Xlsx, RTF & PDF Forms.

Completing and signing forms are daily routine for many businesses, with the majority of documents in PDF format. Until now, you were required to print the forms after filling in all fields with your details, then sign and send manually by post, fax or by scanning it back to an electronic format. This manual and cumbersome process is no longer neccessary with the online, automated solution Secured Signing offers!

With our Form Filler solution you are able to fill in any form and sign it with just your mouse and keyboard! Simply pinpoint fields on the form with the appropriate details you want to add, and sign.

Form Filler - Add Field

The Benefits of Form Filler Templates

Upload your current form and design your online approach for invitee to fill-in and sign.

Form Filler Supports many field types

Publish the form at your web site – get a link

Form filler supports form filling initiation from your website, save the form filler template ticked the box to get the link.

Once the form filler fill-in in at your website, invitee click to sign an authentication code sends to invitee’s email, signing process will complete only by entering the code.

Export Form’s fields’ data to a file:

Document owner will receive a CSV file in the email completion with the signed form. The data file can be import to any system to avoid data double entry.

Watch a Demo to see how it works

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