Signature Verification Service

Have you received a digitally signed document and you want to be sure the signatures are valid, and the document’s data has not been changed?

With our signature verification service you can verify any document that has been signed with the trusted PKI digital signature. We will verify the signatories’ authenticity and data integrity to give you complete peace of mind. Anyone can access Secured Signing’s Signature Verification Service.

If you don’t have a paid Secured Signing account you need to register below to purchase verification credits (we simply charge your credit card). You will then be able to upload your documents for verification.

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* Users with a paid Secured Signing account can also verify documents from Secured Signing. Simply go to 'My Documents' in 'Signed' tab

Signature Verification Service
Signature Verification Service

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Signature Verification Service

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How to verify signatures Offline

Step 1

Document signed up to 6 Jan, 2018

Download and install the Secured Signing Root Certificate.

Document signed from 6 Jan, 2018

Download and install the Secured Signing Root Certificate.

How to install Root Certificates with

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 10

Step 2

Enable Adobe Reader to Verify Digital Signatures.

How to set up Adobe Reader with

Adobe Reader 7

Adobe Reader 8

Adobe Reader 9

Adobe Reader 10

Adobe Reader XI

Adobe Reader DC

Step 3

Open the Signed Document in Adobe Reader.
*steps 1 & 2 are required only once per computer


How do you verify PKI signed documents?

Secured Signing is one of the only PKI digital signing solutions available and utilising our encryption technology we are able to verify if a PKI signed document is valid and has not been changed since it was signed.

We do this by reversing the digital signing process – we take the document that you upload and using an algorithm calculate a hash value of the data. We then extract the hash value from the digital signature using the public key of the person’s digital signature. If the two hash values match then we know the signature is valid and the document has not been altered. If they don’t match we consider the digital signature invalid and it either means that a different key was used to sign it, or that the data has been altered (either intentionally or unintentionally).


How much do you charge for PKI document verification?

We charge the following fees to verify digital signatures:

  • 5 documents = US$3.00
  • 12 documents = US$12.00
  • 25 documents = US$10.00

Or if you’re a paid user of our digital signing service you can verify unlimited documents at no cost.


What type of documents can you verify?

We can verify any PDF document which has been digitally signed using PKI technology. The document can be of any length and you can use both our online service to verify the document or out offline service if you’d prefer a more secure approach or have a large number of documents to verify.


Secured Signing Root Certificate

Secured Signing Ltd CA 4K Download Root Certificate

Serial #: 7e:34:45:f2:fa:e5:4e:55:b7:4b:8e:76:c1:e0:ad:

56SHA1 Fingerprint: EB:05:F5:13:5C:27:24:E0:6C:01:26:57:C2:89:E8:A1:29:8D:90:8D

SHA256 Fingerprint: 8A:8D:99:89:29:BD:A6:A4:AF:25:9E:92:9D:6E:E5:2B:C3:9F:C2:C4:5C:5F:76:5B:68:10:D8:61:E0:17:61:A1