Digital Signing Pricing



For businesses that require document signing with additional enterprise-level features including reporting, admin portal, user account management, and more.
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For businesses with more than 100 employees and send a high volume of documents a year.
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Enterprise Admin Portal
Management Reports
Users Account Management
One Bill / Cost Centre
Secured Signing Private Labelling
Accounts Management System
Single Sign On (SSO)


For small to medium sized businesses that require the sending & signing of documents with automation and document workflows.
Business plans start from as little as:
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Core features include:
Unlimited Signatures
Unlimited Invitees
Bulk Sending & Broadcasting
Document Templates - Form Filler
Reminders & Notifications
Integration Capability
Customized Branding

See Digital Signing Feature Matrix

Secured Signing Features
Key Features
Audit Log Trail
Unlimited Signatures
Unlimited Invitees
Add Attachments
Customized Branding
Document Templates
Document Witnessing
Edit And Update
Email Templates
Needs To View
Personalized Email
PKI Signature Security
Reminders & Notifications
Send For Signing (WeSign)
Sign Yourself (ISign)
Signature Verification Service
Signing Completion Certificate
Signing Due Date
Signing Order Workflow
Video Confirmation
Team Folders and Collaboration Workflow
Packages (multiple document)
Form URL
Advanced Features
Batch Signing
Bulk Sending & Broadcasting
Contract Document Negotiation
Customized Forms (FormDirect)
Document Reviewers
Document Workflows
Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)
Face To Face Signing
ID Verification
Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA)
Smart Tags
SMS Authentication
Video Signing
Administration & Security
Cost Center For Departments Or Memberships
Multiple Brands
Notification Portal
Organisation Dashboard Admin Panel
SSO Single Sign On
Setup teams and departments

Security and compliance

The privacy and protection of your data is something we take very seriously.

ISO Certified Security with Secured Signing 2


ISO/IEC Security Management

EU Complaint


ISO/IEC Security Management

HIPPA COMPLIANT with Secured Signing 2


ISO/IEC Security Management


What is a Pay As You Go plan?

With a pay as you go plan you pay for your actual document and sender usage each month. Your monthly bill is calculated based on the number of documents you uploaded, number of senders and number of forms submitted at a cost per document. We charge your credit card at the end of the billing cycle for your previous period usage.

What is a Pay Monthly or Pay Annually prepay plan?

With a prepay plan, you choose your monthly sender and document requirements for the month ahead and pay in advance. If you reach your document limit you can upgrade your plan for additional documents.

Can I add or remove documents or users as I need them?

Yes. The plan you pick above is just the starting point and you can easily add or remove documents or users whenever you’d like. Any update you make will take effect straight away, even if halfway through the month.

Can I cancel or change plans at any time?

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you wish. Some charges may apply depending on the change. For more information check out our T&C’s.

Do the people I send documents for signature need to pay anything?

No! They (Invitees) will get an email notifying them of your signature request. All they need to do is click on the link to sign. There are no additional costs for them or any training required. Signing is quick and easy. Once they’ve completed signing, both of you will automatically receive a copy of the signed document.

Do you have enterprise level plans with custom limits + features?

Yes we do! We can customize our system to work specifically for your business including integrating with your systems and mirroring any processes your business already has so that implementation is seamless. Click here to contact us and discuss your needs.

How can I pay for Secured Signing?

We accept payment by credit card or you can contact us to arrange a different form of payment. To pay by credit card simply click the Sign Up Now button above, complete the form and we’ll take you to our secure credit card processing page.

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