Tradestaff Digital Signing process with Secured Signing

On January 23, 2024, Tradestaff’s Business Systems Manager, Claire Duffield, shared insights into their journey with digital signatures and the Secured Signing platform during an interview with Gal Thompson. 

Claire, with 18-19 years at Tradestaff, highlighted the challenges the company faced before implementing digital signatures. The predominance of paper-based processes led to issues of version control, repetitive tasks for admins, and privacy concerns with sensitive documents floating around. 

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Reasons for Implementing Digital Signatures: 

Claire emphasized the focus on enhancing the candidate, client, and consultant experience. The objective was to streamline processes, eliminate repetitive tasks, and adapt to the modern era where more individuals use mobile devices for information input. 

Ideal Solution and Procurement Process: 

The ideal solution, according to Claire, had to be cost-effective, scalable, and capable of integrating seamlessly with Tradestaff’s main database, Bullhorn. Flexibility, scalability, and automation were crucial considerations. The decision to choose Secured Signing was influenced by its competitive pricing, full integration with Bullhorn, workflow flexibility, and the company’s openness to new ideas. 

Implementation Phase: 

While Claire acknowledged some initial challenges during the implementation phase, she praised the extensive support provided by Secured Signing. The learning curve was steep, but the support team’s patience and willingness to troubleshoot quickly resolved issues. 

Impact of Implementing Secured Signing: 

Though specific ROI figures weren’t provided, Claire highlighted the environmental impact, emphasizing the substantial reduction in paper usage. The transition resulted in a lighter, brighter office environment with fewer physical documents, contributing to a smoother workflow and a more pleasant candidate experience. 

Exceeding Expectations: 

Claire expressed satisfaction with Secured Signing’s commitment to product improvement and the flexibility in creating individualized workflows. The company’s receptiveness to customer feedback and quick implementation of suggested features exceeded Tradestaff’s expectations. 


In conclusion, Claire enthusiastically recommended Secured Signing to others, emphasizing its user-friendly approach and the ability to start small and gradually tailor the platform to specific business needs. She praised the support team and senior leadership for their responsiveness and collaborative approach. 

This case study illustrates how Tradestaff successfully transitioned from paper-based processes to a digital signature platform, improving efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and enhancing the overall business experience. 

We trust you found our insights into the partnership between Tradestaff and Secured Signing’s Digital Signatures Platform enjoyable.

Dive deeper into our discussion by checking out the video below.

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