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About Secured Signing

Secured Signing is a globally recognized company operating in 45 countries, with certifications including ISO27001, HIPAA, and MISMO. Specializing in digital signatures, the platform extends its capabilities to include Remote Online Notarization (RON), Remote In-Person Notarization (RIN), and In-Person Notarization. It features smart document capabilities and templates for a streamlined and efficient signing process.

Secured Signing boasts a user base of 2 million unique users worldwide, emphasizing its widespread adoption and trust. The platform prioritizes security and compliance, evident in its certifications and global presence.

Secured Signing’s standout ID Verification service ensures rigorous security standards for digital signing and notarization, serving both domestic and international users. Positioned as a leading provider in this realm, the platform prioritizes security, compliance, and serves a diverse global user base.

Digital Signature is Secured

Digital signatures use cryptographic techniques to ensure the authenticity and integrity of a document. This involves creating a unique cryptographic hash for the document, which is then encrypted with the sender’s private key. Digital signatures often utilize PKI, which involves a pair of cryptographic keys (public key and private key). The private key is known only to the signer, adding an extra layer of security.

The cryptographic hash acts as a secure seal, making the document resistant to tampering. Any changes to the document can be easily detected through the digital signature. Digital signatures can serve as secure timestamps, allowing for the detection and verification of any subsequent changes made to the document.

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