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How Industria saves £150,000 in annual operating costs with Secured Signing


The UK’s 13th fastest growing recruiter, Industria offers high quality temporary and permanent staffing solutions to all business sectors in the UK and Europe, working in partnership with some of the best employers. Specialising in high volume recruitment, Industria ensures their clients have absolute confidence in their recruitment and selection process. Industria offers their clients talent on demand, streamlined payroll services including fully managed contingent workforce solutions, project and volume recruitment services. Industria assures solutions that improve operational efficiency, reducing risk and allowing their clients to focus on their core business activities.



Before Secured Signing, capturing information and getting that information into Industria’s system was time-consuming.

“We had lots of different paperwork scattered around many different offices,” explains Charlotte Gent, Compliance & Training Manager for Industria. “This meant that it really wasn’t always convenient for individuals to come into the branches especially, which has been evident, since COVID.”

The process was essentially manual, involving stacks of paper, which was “hardly environmentally friendly”, and involved more of Industria’s staff, taking up resources that could be better utilised elsewhere in the business. Industria were looking for a solutiion to meet their higher volumes of talent acquisition, and integrate directly into their current CRM, RDB ProNet.



“I don’t know how we would’ve coped, the last year and a half, we just wouldn’t have coped if we didn’t have it [their recruitment process with Secured Signing] integrated.” – Charlotte Gent, Compliance & Training Manager.

Secured Signing provides Industria with the ability to create eForms and get documents signed online, with their own purpose-built HTML forms being produced by Secured Signing. This small investment at the start of the project proved invaluable to Industria, as they were able to ask all the correct questions to ensure their compliance processes were adhered to. All relevant compliance data captured within their forms is automatically populated into their CRM.

At Industria, compliance is taken seriously. From terms of business, advertising, health and safety documents, the now streamlined recruitment process improves client experience, removing the need for people to scan, print, sign, send and store documents.



“With the help we’ve got and the software we have, that certainly helps us keep on top of high-volume numbers.” – Charlotte Gent, Compliance & Training Manager.

Secured Signing enables Industria to handle higher volume recruitment. Before Secured Signing, Industria would recruit around 5000 people per month, with at least 15-minutes allocated per person. Time saved works out to be around 75000 minutes or 1250 hours, per month. Assuming administrative staff cost £10 per-hour, the cost of processing 5000 people comes to around £12,500 per month, or £150,000 per year.

“Secured Signing must be saving us quite a few individuals salaries, on a daily basis. In relation to hours, I’d hate to count up how many hours we’ve been saving with Secured Signing integrated into our [RDB ProNet] system.”

Industria staff would previously have to manually type in all information that was collected from acquired talent. Now, everything is done automatically, and with ease.

“There are definitely many businesses out there that have had to change the way that they recruit due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.”

The support that Industria receives goes above an beyond what they could have ever expected from Secured Signing.

“Whenever we have had a hiccup, we send an email, and normally, within 24 hours, everything is all sorted and back to 100% working condition. We can’t thank [Secured Signing] enough really for all the support that you provide us. Day or night.”

Secured Signing is proud of the integrated, bespoke system they have provided to Industria. But there is always room to grow and utilise the system within other parts of the business.

“There is a market out there for us to adapt to and make changes with our own permanent staff that we take on. Many of the documents that we send out to our clients that we are not currently using Secured Signing for. There are definitely opportunities for improvement to look at to streamline Industria moving forward.”

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