Secured Signing – Release Notes

Secured Signing 10.1.7

August 15, 2023

New Features: 1

1. Spanish Translation for Signers in WeSign, Templates, and Remote Online Notarization (RON) – translate the signing process to Spanish for your signers, or allow them to choose their language once they access the document signing process.

Enhancements: None

Bug Fixes: None

New Features

1. Spanish Translation for Signers in WeSign & RON

With the Spanish Translation, you can translate the entire We Sign and RON signing processes to Spanish for signers*, including Notaries and Video Signing Hosts in RON.

You can enable this with the Default Language setting at My Account -> My Settings in your Secured Signing account, or Settings -> My Account Settings in the Enterprise Portal.

how to set up spanish for signer experience in a secured signing business account
You can enable this with the Default Language setting at My Account -> My Settings
For Enterprise accounts, go to Settings -> My Account Settings in the Enterprise Portal.

Here you will find a dropdown with 3 options; English, Español and Invitee Choose.

Select your default language for your invitees within your Secured Signing account.
Within the Enterprise Admin portal, select your default language for your invitees.

The ‘English’ setting keeps the signing process exactly as it was before, completely in English. Choosing ‘Español’ however, will translate the entire signing process instructions to Spanish in We Sign as RON, shown with these indicators in the Invitation Workflow

Finally, if you select the ‘Invitee Choose’ setting, you will be able to choose English or Spanish for individual signers in the Invitation Workflow OR allow signers to change the language themselves in the ‘Secure Document Access’ page and the signing page.

If the invitee can choose their own language, they can do this from the document access or signing page.
Document Access: Invitees can select their language on the top-right.
Signing Page: Invitees can select their language on the top-right.

Secured Signing 10.1.6

June 14, 2023

New Features: 3

1. Text Box & Multi Line Text Box Font Resize – automatically resize font size text as you type to fit into the field; in WeSign, Form Filler and RON signing process.

2. Conditional Logic and Formulas – create templates that show or hide fields based on the signer’s inputs, and create calculations within fields.

3. Bullhorn – Signed Document for Placement save in candidate’s record as well.

Enhancements: 2

1. Video Signing / RON Guests – improvements to the management of guests in RON and Video Signing

2. Blur a Region Field, Redaction – added the option to change the Blur Fields color to black

Bug Fixes: None

New Features

1. Text Box and Multi Line Text Box Resize

Secured Signing’s new Font Resize feature allows your text to dynamically change its font size to fit within a Text Box or Multi-Line Text Box field, with typing being cut off before the font becomes too small.

2. Conditional Logic and Formula Fields

Conditional Logic allows you to create templates that adapt to the signers’ responses, ensuring they are shown only the information and fields that are relevant to them.

The addition of Formula Fields enables you to create rules and calculations within your fields to help automate the signing process and minimize the margin of error.

3. Bullhorn – Signed Document for Placement saved back in Candidate records as well.

In Secured Signing for Bullhorn Settings section tick the box if you want the signed document in placement to be accessible from the candidate records.


1. Video Signing / RON Guest Improvements

Improvements have been made to the management of Guests in RON Sessions and Video Signing.

These include adding or removing Guests in the Invitation Workflow when sending your document, removing or replacing them in the Document Progress pop-up when you’ve already sent your document, and changing your Guest to a Signer when you add their signature in Document Tagging.

2. ‘Blur a Region’ Field in Black – Redaction

This enhancement adds a new setting to the ‘Blur a Region’ Field, allowing you to change the color from white to black.




Secured Signing 10.1.5

December 7, 2022

New Features: 3

1. Snapshot – capture an image of supporting documentation, during the RON session.

2. Notary Queue – the feature allows for jobs to be assigned into a queue, pool of notaries

a. Setting Queues

b. Assign to a Queue

c. Queue Management

3. Add Remove Signatures and Form Fields during a RON Session or Video Signing

Enhancement: 1

1. ID Verification – adjustments to image capture process enhancements

Bug Fixes: None

New Features

1. Snapshot

Often, a notary has the need to collect or capture an image of supporting documentation, credentials, or stipulations during the RON session.

With Secured Signing’s New Snapshot feature, you can capture that image, crop, edit and label on the fly.

2. Notary Queue

The feature allows for jobs to be assigned into a queue, pool of notaries.

Through our innovative technology, the request is immediately processed and assigned to a notary queue where an available notary can proceed with the job and the session invite forwarded to the signer. 

a. Setting Queues

Set unlimited Queues and assign notaries from your account, or enterprise membership. Each Notary can be member of multiple Queues. Any user in the account can assign notarization jobs to any Queue.

b. Assign to a Queue

While setting a RON session you can submit the Job to a queue. The scheduler able to submit to a queue with minimum signer info or complete the entire setting include document tagging.

c. Queue Management

Admin User at account level or Enterprise account at Admin portal has full visibility which job is taken by which Notary and what is the status of the job.

3. Add Remove Signatures and forms fields during Ron Session/ Video Signing 

You can make changes to your documents during your RON session with Secured Signing. These include the ability to add/ remove signature fields, or form fields.


1. ID Verification adjustments to image capture process for iPhone users.

For iPhone users we allow for one attempt of the image capture process before opening main phone’s camera for manual photo capture.

Some of the latest models of iPhone (12,13,14) and latest iOS versions have a loss in resolution quality when attempting image capture for the first time. Now we have implemented a change where only one attempt is taken, try again will open iPhone main camera to achieve best image quality.    

Secured Signing 10.1.4

November 9, 2022

New Features: 4

1. [Bullhorn and Jobadder Integration– Form Filler Templates – Share Templates.

2. [Bullhorn Integration– Notes Management.

3. [Bullhorn Integration] – Choose where signed documents are saved.

4. [Bullhorn Integration– Form Filler Template and Form Direct File Type.

Enhancement: 3

  1. [Form Filler] – Template Management – Sort By Name or Last Change Date.
  2. [Bullhorn Integration] – Enhancements to SSO with Azure AD.
  3. [Bullhorn Integration] Clarifications to Manager Role in Bullhorn.

Bug Fixes: None

New Features 

1. Bullhorn and JobAdder Integration – Form Filler Templates – Share Templates 

Collaboration just got easier with the more ways to share Form Filler templates with other Bullhorn users in your team.

If you are a Secured Signing Admin user, you can now go to your Bullhorn template list, and click the “share” button.

You can then select which user accounts or groups to share the template with.

2. Bullhorn Integration – Notes Management

You now have greater control over which notes are saved into Bullhorn. Within your account settings, you can select save all notes or only ones that you have selected.

3. Bullhorn Integration – Choose where signed documents are saved.

Now, you can choose if you want to save all signed documents back to Bullhorn or you can select based on document, templates, or file type.

You can leverage Secured Signing’s cloud storage integration such as OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, or SharePoint.

4. Bullhorn Integration – Form Filler Template and Form Direct File Type

Now, you can setup the file type for documents that are signed using Form Filler or Form Direct. This can be done within your account settings.


1. Form Filler – Template Management – Sort By Name or Last Change Date.

We have added sort functionality to Templates to help users better manage their templates. You can also sort by how many lines of templates you want to view. Your preferences will be saved for the next time you visit your Template Management list.

2. Bullhorn Integration  – Enhancements to SSO with Azure AD

If you are using SSO with Azure AD, Admin Users can now disconnect it’s organisation’s users without requiring Secured Signing password authentication.

3. Bullhorn Integration – Clarifications to Manager Role in Bullhorn

Someone with a Manager role in Bullhorn is not automatically a Secured Signing Admin user therefore they cannot connect users to our service. To connect and disconnect users of Secured Signing, you must have both, Bullhorn and Secured Signing Admin user privileges.

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Secured Signing 10.1.3

Sep 29, 2022

New Features: 1

  1. [Needs to View] – a new type of Invitee has been added for Invitees who are required to view the document without signing. This feature is available for We Sign, Notary RON Sessions, Video Signing and Form Filler templates.

Enhancement: 5

  1. [Read Only Form Fields] – Read only fields will no longer have a border and will be skipped when pressing Next.
  2. [JobAdder– New setting to disable saving signed documents back to JobAdder. 
  3. [Signature Template PreviewApplying a Signature Template will move the user to a preview and editing before being sent out to Invitee. 
  4. [Mobile Signing ImprovementsUpdated the mobile experience for users who want to sign using their mobile phones. 
  5. [Document Templates Sort] Templates are now sorted alphabetically by default. Additionally, changes to the sort order for Inbox, Template, In-Progress and Signed view will now persist between logins. 

New Features 

  1. Needs to View  

Key Features 

Needs to View is a new Invitee type that allows you to send a document to invitees who are required to view the document without needing to sign. Needs to View is available for WeSign, Notary RON sessions, Form Filler Templates and Video Signing. 

Security – Senders can assign Needs to View invitees with our existing authentication methods for document access. (I.e., Passcode, KBA, IDV, SMS) 

Flexibility – A mix of both Signer invitees and Needs to View invitees can be invited to a single or package document. In a package, an invitee can be a signer for one document and a Needs to view for another document (but cannot have both roles signer and viewer in the same document).  

How you can use it 

Needs to View is on by default – you can access the setting at My Account -> My Settings 

For Enterprise users, the setting is located Accounts -> My Account Settings 

For more information about Needs to View, please read our updated User Guide here:


  1. Read Only Form Fields 

Read only form fields will no longer have a border and will be skipped when pressing the Next button 

How you can use it 

You can select Read Only by selecting the form field in Document Editor and checking the check box 

In Document Editor 

In Signing Process 

  1. JobAdder – New Setting 

JobAdder users can configure to not save signed document back to their JobAdder.  

The new setting can filter what type of document is not saved – either for all documents, JobAdder File Type, Document Template or FormDirect form 

How you can use it 

You can find this setting at Settings -> More Settings 

  1. Signature Template Preview 

When applying a Signature Template to a document, you will now be able to preview and edit the document before sending it to the Invitees 

How you can use it 

In the document editor, the signature template button is located on the top right 

You can apply a signature template to a document directly from the Inbox. 

Page Break 

  1. Mobile Signing Improvement 

Key Features 

We have improved the capabilities of viewing and signing your document on the mobile phone for both iOS and Android. The following aspects have been improved: 

Smoother Navigation and Zoom capabilities 

  • We have made scrolling and zoom capabilities more responsive. Scrolling through the document will be easier including when you press the Next button to move from one form filled to the next.  

Field Box Visibility 

  • Field Boxes will now be highlighted when selected to increase visibility when filling out 

It is recommended to open your document with Chrome on your mobile to see the full effect of the improvements.  

  1. Document Templates sort 

Key Features 

Form Filler Document Templates are now sorted in alphabetical order by default. 

Changing the sort order will now be saved and be the default view when viewing documents in Inbox, In-Progress, Signed and Templates tab 

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Secured Signing 10.1.2  

Aug 9, 2022 

New Features: None  

Enhancement: 1 

  1. [Smart Tag] New Witness Tag format – New witness tags that allow you to set the auth of a witness, assign multiple witnesses to one person, nominate the witness as a sender and other quality-of-life additions to simplify adding a witness to a smart tag document. 

Bug Fixes: 6  

  1. [Smart Tag] Fixed an issue with previous smart tag format, witness tag not showing signature field when the document is sent via API 
  2. [Smart Tag] Fixed an issue with previous smart tag format witness tag not sending an e-mail to the witness when the document is sent via API 
  3. [Video Signing] Fixed an issue in video signing where a nominated witness cannot sign if they are also the host 
  4. [Video Signing] Fixed an issue in video signing where a nominated witness cannot sign if they are also the host Fixed the issue with effective date stamper not getting the e-mail if they are also the host of the video signing session.  
  5. [Smart Tag] Added a warning if an additional recipient is added to a smart tag but it is turned OFF in settings 
  6. [WeSign] Witness – Fixed an issue that would occur when nominating witness by invitee, the same witness for two different invitees 

Further Notes


1. New format for Smart Tag for witness 

Key Features 

To provide context, the signatory is identified as 1A 

  • Authentication types set by account setting 





  • Multiple witnesses for the same invitee 



  • Witness nominated by sender 


  • Using the same witness for multiple invitees 



How you can use it 

For more information about Smart Tags, check our updated guide here.

Secured Signing 10.1.1

July 18, 2022

New Features: None

Enhancements: 2

  1. [Notary] Cost Summary E-mail for multiple meetings for RON session – Summary cost e-mails will now include the number of meetings, the document ID, the attendees for that specific RON session and the total cost garnered for each participant based on features/authentication used.
  2. [Notary] Assign Notary Fee to the document in the Electronic Notary Journal – We have updated the format of Electronic Journal to separate document and invitee to make fee information more accessible

Bug Fixes: 1

  1. [Form Direct] Fixed Form Direct completion recipients not receiving completion e-mail if Signing Completion Certificate is enabled

Further Notes


1. [Notary] Cost Summary E-mail for multiple meetings for RON session

Key Features

E-mail Summary costs now only provide the billing for each RON meeting

E-mail summary cost now include the following information

  • Number of meetings
  • The document(s) being signed including the document ID
  • The participant(s) that joined the video session
  • The costs garnered from each participant based on authentication used (IDV, KBA, SMS)

How you can use it

The new e-mail summary cost changes are automatically applied to all new RON meeting.

Where can I find this setting to enable receiving RON cost summary?

To receive e-mail summary costs for RON sessions, you can enable the settings at My Account -> Notary -> More Settings. (You must have Notary feature enabled)

2. [Notary] Assign Notary Fee to the document in the Electronic Notary Journal

This change is automatically applied to new electronic notary journals made after the release date.

For more information please contact us here.