Veterans Alliance with Secured Signing

How Veterans Alliance transformed their recruitment processes with Secured Signing’s digital signatures and eForms


Veterans Alliance are dedicated to finding career opportunities for the brave men and women who served the US. Their mission is to provide a service to those who served.

Founded in January of 2020, Veterans Alliance has over 50 years of combined experience supporting military and commercial operations both stateside and overseas. On a daily basis, their National Recruiters actively recruit qualified veterans from every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. Their goal is to help veterans find rewarding employment opportunities that meet their career expectations.

Through their focus on recruiting experienced veterans and transitioning service members, Veterans Alliance provides highly-skilled, disciplined, and dedicated employees to their clients nationwide.

“It is easier for my team not having to manually process large amounts of paperwork on a daily basis.” – Steven Santich, Co-Founder and CEO, Veterans Alliance.



Working with travelling contractors, the newly established, Veterans Alliance found themselves growing at a rapid pace in Q4 of 2020.

As a nationwide staffing and recruiting company, Veterans Alliance operated their business predominantly online, but still had to send client and candidate documentation for printing, scanning, filling out and signing.

Using Bullhorn – a recruitment ATS that manages all their candidate and client data – they wanted to take their digital approach to running their business to the next step.

This would involve a fully digital recruitment process that would empower their National Recruiters with the tools to recruit veterans with a secure, paperless, fully digital, time-saving approach.

The main factors involved in choosing a digital signature provider and transforming their current processes:

  • Integrates seamlessly with Bullhorn
  • Save time for candidates, clients, and recruiters
  • Reduction and removal of paper

Steven Santich, Co-Founder and CEO of Veterans Alliance, says that trying to send 10, 15, 20 pages of paperwork to clients or candidates to fill out by hand and then having to scan that back was a typical example. “A lot of the folks we work with are travelling contractors. They are not at home and we needed something that people could do, online, preferably on mobile, to get these documents signed and back to us.”



Secured Signing’s integration with Bullhorn was ideal – sending, signing and storage of documents all from within Bullhorn.

Veterans Alliance’s standard forms are two-pages and could be digitized upfront to allow their recruiters to focus on what they do best – finding candidates for their clients and placing their candidates in newly found positions.

In context, the first page would have personal information and the second page would be signing off on receiving certain information. For example, a staff handbook, induction times, Job Offers, Change of Employment Status, Temporary Work Contracts.

Veterans Alliance’s staff were able to easily digitize and set up their forms for filling out and signing, with little to no assistance required from Secured Signing.

“So far, it’s been a really good process for us, it’s very easy to use within Bullhorn. Our team can access the documents quickly.“ – Steven Santich, Co-Founder and CEO, Veterans Alliance.



A scalable digital signing solution that fully integrates with Bullhorn that is easy to use for the Veteran’s alliance team. Using Secured Signing has enabled Veteran’s Alliance to adopt a “fully-online” and mobile approach to their recruitment processes. The use of Form-filler templates and reusable forms saves a lot of time for employees on the back-end.

Steve Santich says that 2020 has been an explosive year for Veterans Alliance. Secured Signing has enabled us to grow and scale our business operations, strengthen our relationships with our existing clients and candidates and gives time back to our recruiters so momentum can remain driving us forward.”

The scalability of Secured Signing has meant that Veterans Alliance has not needed to hire any administrators. “We have been able to handle the growth due to the digitized approach we have taken with recruiting documents. Although setting up reusable templates takes time upfront, it saves you time in the long run. Now, our recruiters spend less time following up on paperwork so that provides them more time to recruit and focus on staffing positions with high caliber candidates”.

Steve Santich says that from 2020 to now has been an explosive period for Veterans Alliance.

“Secured Signing has enabled us to grow and scale our business operations, strengthen our relationships with our existing clients and candidates, and gives time back to our recruiters so momentum can remain driving us forward.”

“Everybody knows where to go, how to get the documents, how to send them out. It’s easy.” – Steven Santich, Co-Founder and CEO, Veterans Alliance.

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