Digital Signature Software for Staffing and HR

Managing the documents necessary to recruit and hire staff takes up to 25% of your HR team’s time. Is it really worth it? 

Secured Signing for HR

Each day your staff pushes paper to various desks,
making sure documents are signed and filed

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Secured Signing transforms your HR and recruiting, simply and securely

Our tamper-evident technology ensures document security, data integrity & non-repudiation. Whether it’s our PKI X509 Digital Signature encryption, our audiovisual recordings of the settlement or the detailed audit logs we ensure you and your client are protected.

With Secured Signing, your team can experience these benefits!

Automated Processes

No more mailing or emailing documents. Send the right forms, documents and contracts at the proper time with just a click.

Ensure Compliance

Increase compliance and accuracy rates and quickly find the documents you need in moments

Improved Onboarding

New hires, even those in remote positions, are ready to work on day one. Tax forms, applications & contracts – all can be completed on the employee's device.

Easy Integration

Secured Signing easily integrates with your current HR and recruiting software and systems.

No More Follow-Ups

Secured Signing knows who needs to sign your documents, alerting them and letting you know about the document’s status 

No More Paperwork

Printing, signing, scanning and uploading are ancient history. Convert printed forms to digital.

Secured Signing Supports Your ATS and HRMS Systems

Maintain complete visibility during the document signing process with Secured Signing. ​Data is automatically filled into documents such as employee contracts and then saved in each employee’s file. Legally binding PKI digital signatures ensure trust and security. 

Secured Signing integrates with the best HRMS systems including:


Dynamic MS




Ready Workforce by Zambion

Workforce One


FastTrack 360

Accelerate your HR team with the possibility of digital signing

Secured Signing provides the following:

Document Templates

The printing/signing/scanning process is over. Create templates in Secured Signing for virtually any document and send it out for signatures 

Bulk Signing

Say goodbye to signing one document at a time. Sign thousands of documents automatically in just minutes 

2 Factor Authentication

Enable 2-factor authentication for stronger identity verification. A unique code is sent via SMS to the signer. 


Reinforce your image by inserting your logo/brand onto your documents

Reminders & Notifications

Lets the receiving party know they need to sign and lets you know as well 

Send for Signing

One-click function sends packets of documents for digital signatures.