Become A Secured Signing Partner

Become A Secured Signing Partner

Offer a secure, easy-to-use digital signing solution to your customers without having to build it yourself.

We are already helping HR solution providers, Fintech platforms, Contract life cycle management providers and other businesses complete the digital document transformation.

"We're pleased to partner with Secured Signing because our clients now have powerful tools to streamline employee screening. The process is fast; candidates can complete it wherever they are - on any device - helping to ensure the overall screening experience is a positive one."
Katrina Birchall

Three Ways To Partner With Secured Signing

The Secured Signing Global Partner Program allows you to offer the most secure and feature-rich digital signing solution to your customers worldwide. Partnership options vary from reseller relationships right through to white-labelled functionality within your own platform – all include a high level of support and simple, transparent pricing/commissions.


If you frequently deal with enterprise level customers or offer a complementary product you can earn commission by selling direct access to our product or one of the integrations that we offer.

Upfront and ongoing commissions available, sales assistance provided.

To find our more about becoming a reseller, contact our team.


Offer customers the ability to add Secured Signing via integration or plugin to extend the functionality of your own software.

Documents can be seamlessly sent from your platform with the final signed documents stored back in your software in the correct customer record.

Range of payment and integration options with customer support included.


Use our OEM or other APIs to offer your own white-labelled digital signing solution that happens entirely on your platform.

Charge customers what you want and pay one wholesale fee based on volume.

  • White-labelled solution
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Long term contracts

Example Partnership: Auckland District Law Society

Auckland District Law Society (ADLS) is a membership organisation for legal professionals with more than 4,500 members, produces and maintains over 100 online legal forms, including forms for agreement for sale and purchase of real estate.

ADLS parnered with Secured Signing to provide digital signatures capability from within its WebForms platform allowing their 1,000 law firms to easily send documents for signing. This added service allowed ADLS to bring a new level of efficiency to the relationship between lawyers and their clients, enabling legal practitioners to manage and track the digital signing process from one platform.

ADLS president Joanna Pidgeon said partnering with Secured Signing has transformed how lawyers, clients and their businesses work together. “As people’s lives become busier and traffic gets heavier, digital signing has meant increased efficiency for the document signing process, more convenience and also cost-effectiveness”.

Auckland District Law Society ADLS