Unlocking the Future of Notarization: Remote Online Notarization with Secured Signing

Join us for an enlightening webinar where we delve into the world of Remote Online Notarization (RON) using Secured Signing’s cutting-edge platform. Discover how this innovative solution is redefining traditional notarization processes, offering a seamless, efficient, and secure method for notarizing documents—whether in-person or remotely.

Explore the capabilities of Secured Signing’s digital notarization platform, designed to save valuable time and resources. Learn how our all-in-one solution eliminates the need for physical paperwork, streamlines the notarization process, and enables you to conduct notarizations from anywhere, at any time.

Secured Signing – A Serious Signing platform with some Serious features!

About Secured Signing

Established in 2010, Secured Signing is a New Zealand-owned company that has become a global leader in cloud-based digital signature solutions and online forms platforms. With unique signing technology, Secured Signing uses Public Key Infrastructure Digital Signatures for customers all over the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

Is Digital Signatures secure?

Unlike electronic signatures, a digital signature utilizes cryptographic methods to validate the authenticity and integrity of a document. Through this cryptographic approach, the assurance is established that the document’s content remains unaltered, creating a reliable and authentic seal.

Secured Signing’s adherence to ISO 27001 compliance signifies the implementation of a sturdy framework for information security management. This commitment reduces potential risks and enables ongoing enhancements to the organization’s security stance. Such compliance offers a guarantee to customers and partners that Secured Signing prioritizes information security, aligning with globally acknowledged best practices.

Unique Signing Features for your Workflow:

  • ID Verification
  • Digital Notary Stamp/ Seal
  • Electric Notary Journal
  • Tamper-Proof Document Signing
  • RON Platform Certification
  • Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA)
  • Live Video Signing RON
  • Notary Community and so much more!

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