Digitally Sign Internal or External Government documents in seconds

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digital signing for government with secured signing

Make It Easier to Do Business with Secured Digital Signatures

Getting government documents such as internal HR contracts or external procurement orders executed often takes far longer than it should. For every form, agreement, approval or declaration, there usually needs to be a printed, signed and scanned version too.

Now, thanks to encryption technology from Secured Signing, you can get a legally binding digital signature on anything – making execution much faster, safer and easier.
  • Securely execute any electronic document in seconds while maintaining a clear audit trail.
  • Create templates in minutes (turning any document into a digital version).
  • Add documents to your intranet for internal users, and your website/enterprise portal for external users.
  • Issue to multiple parties at once.
  • Batch-sign multiple documents at once for increased speed and efficiency.
  • Invite others to sign, monitor progress, record actions.
  • Eliminate fraud, lengthy paper-trails, and document storage issues.
Notary - RON Webinar

Webinar: Empowering Government Agencies with Digital Signatures for Secure and Efficient Operations

In the era of digital transformation, embracing digital signatures can revolutionize your operations, enhance security, and streamline processes for your agency. Learn how you can discover the power of digital signatures and how they can transform your government workflows.

What are the Typical Use Cases for Digital Signing in Government?

Secure digital signatures can be used by governments of all levels, from local/county/region, to state and federal.

State and Federal Governments
Local, County or Regional Government

Whatever documents you need to be signed, it can be done with Secured Signing

Reach Your Environmental Sustainability Goals

Sustainability is now more important than ever before.

By retaining all of your documentation in a digital format, you’ll substantially reduce your paper and printing use. And by not having to post or courier documents every day, you’ll further reduce your carbon footprint.

Not only is digital signing good for the environment, you’ll also generate significant cost savings (making for a solid business case).

Seamless Integrations

Easily send documents by integrating into all the tools you use everyday, including your proprietary company systems.

Here's What Our Government Clients Are Saying!

Secured and Efficient signing

Being able to do things digitally, we knew at the moment of signing, we can verify the identity. When contracts can be worth 5 – 15 million dollars, you need to be able to prove legitimacy over who is signing the document.

Jo Gifford, Matamata-Piako District Council

Information Team Leader – Records & Land

Fast and Easy process

We identified Secured Signing as a solution to quickly adopt and provide a level of automation and continuity in various high traffic departments including Legal, Purchasing, Executive Offices, and Courts to sustain a smooth operation.

Felicia Green, Dekalb County Government Deputy CIO