Video Signing

Video Signing All-In-One Video Conferencing + Document Signing

When you’re getting serious documents signed digitally, it’s legally important that you can identify who’s signing, prove their intent & ensure document integrity. 

Secured Signing solves all three areas with video signing. In a live, real-time video call between two (or more) parties, identities can be verified, documents can be explained to ensure non-repudiation, and documents can then be securely digitally signed using PKI encryption which ensures any future changes to the document will invalidate signatures. 

Our video signing solution is simple and easy to use from anywhere in the world and on any device with no additional video conferencing required. Final signed documents, session recordings, and a full audit log are emailed and can be stored in cloud storage or CRM systems automatically. 

Video Signing Key Features & Benefits

  • Real-time live video conference with secure document signing.
  • Full recording of signing session + audit log the final signed document.
  • Remote witness signing allows signers to nominate & invite witnesses to attend the video conference and sign.
  • All-in-one software with a seamless experience.
  • Ensure document integrity through PKI encrypted digital signatures which invalidate the document if changes are made after signing.
  • Increase legal compliance with better identification of the signee and video evidence of agreement and understanding.
  • Ensure non-repudiation of signed documents through video recordings showing intent while signing.
  • Improve customer experience with signing of documents from anywhere in the world on any device.
  • Improve client experience and speed of signing by walking signees through documents, getting documents signed correctly every time.
  • Store video recordings of each session + completed documents in your choice of country.


Businesses Around The World Are Using Video Signing

Fast Document Signing

Faster Document Signing

Your team and clients will no longer have to print, scan and email documents (or meet in person). With just a few clicks the document can be uploaded (or generated from a template) and a video signing meeting setup decreasing document signing times significantly.

Improved Experience

Improved Client Experience

No more driving in to meet you in person just to get some documents signed or confusing back and forth email trails. Clients can speak to you, get walked through the document and sign when ready on any device from anywhere in the world. Client's love it!


Increased Compliance

With all video signing sessions recorded you can verify and prove who signed, what their intent was and that all relevant disclosures and conditions have been explained before signing. You'll also never lose a final signed document with files stored in the right place every time.


Less Deal Abandonment

With an all-in-one solution there's no more friction or processes to follow after a client agrees - they can simply sign there and then which decreases buyers remorse & deal abandonment. With a fast & simple process your team can then spend more time closing deals.

Check what one of our Science & Medical clients had to say!


Reduced Time and Frustration for All Concerned

We issue the links and people get back to us overnight or even within the hour. We just set the deadline for each candidate, and the system takes care of the reminders for us. This invaluable feature has reduced time and frustration for all concerned. 

Secured Signing was very fast and responsive whenever we asked for something. Their customer service is amazing.

Kym Volp, Evolve Scientific Recruitment

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