Digital Signature Software for Real Estate & Property

Simplify your operations with our paper free, digital signing software solution. 

digital signing for real estate with secured signing

Why Choose Secured Signing

Secured Signing is a compliant, safe and easy to use digital signatures solution that can streamline
and accelerate the processing of your real estate documentation.

Whether you are a real estate agent, property manager or a broker who needs to sign and send residential or commercial lease agreements, sale and purchase agreements or management documentation, with Secured Signing you can shorten the process to just minutes!

Easy to Use

Simply add the document to Secured Signing service, send an email invitation to the signing parties, tag the pages in the document which require signatures, indicate whether a full signature or initials is required, add a signing due date create a signatories workflow and include a number of other customized features offered.


Your customer will receive an email notification with very clear and simple instructions on how to sign the document and that’s it! The document is signed and sealed and the deal successfully closed.


With Secured Signing you can manage the signing process and be updated with the signing progress. The significant reduction in processing time not only saves you money, but also puts you ahead of your competitors.

You can even get Documents Signed in a Live, Real-time Video Call

Secured Signing also offers Video Signing – an all-in-one video conferencing + document signing platform where you can get documents signed in a live, real-time video call between two (or up to 50) parties. It’s simple and easy to use from anywhere in the world and on any device with no additional video conferencing required.
With a secure signed document & video evidence showing disclaimers have been read and the contract understood it’s a very effective way to identify who’s signing, prove their intent & ensure document non-repudiation.

Clients & Staff can also
Sign In-Person

Most business is still done face-to-face, however, with digital signing via email and mobile devices, our platform will simplify everything your company does. 
With Secured Signing you can also safely and securely have clients and staff sign and fill out documents in-person on your computer, a tablet or their own device removing the need for more paperwork in your office. 

Seamless Integrations

Easily send documents by integrating into all the tools you use everyday, including your proprietary company systems.