Digital Signature Software for Life Sciences

Save time and hassle and increase compliance across your life sciences or medical device business by replacing paper documents with digital signing.


Life Sciences with Digital Signatures

Get all your Life Sciences & Medical Devices documents signed easily

Using advanced features that make your life easy


How Secured Signing Meets FDA CFR 21 Part 11

Why Life Sciences & Medical businesses around the world use Secured Signing

Legal Compliance

We’re FDA 21CFR Part 11 compliant (click here to find out more) and meet regional requirements like HIPAA, eIDAS and EMA.

We're Paper Free

We don’t need paper – saving the environment and the clutter on your desk & in storage areas.

Better Identification

We improve signee identification and verification of signed documents – you’ll never have to question the identity of a signer.

Improved Processes

We speed up slow offline processes – no more project delays due to missing paperwork or time spent chasing signatures.

Increased User Experience

We improve user experience – with just a few clicks on any device documents can be signed and automatically emailed back. 

Improved Document Security

We ensure document security – minimizing the chance of data theft or forgery with our user based PKI Digital Signature.

Internal Compliance

We increase compliance by ensuring paperwork is signed properly the first time, never gets lost and gets stored in the right place.

Check what one of our Science & Medical clients had to say!

Reduced Time and Frustration for All Concerned

We issue the links and people get back to us overnight or even within the hour. We just set the deadline for each candidate, and the system takes care of the reminders for us. This invaluable feature has reduced time and frustration for all concerned. 

Secured Signing was very fast and responsive whenever we asked for something. Their customer service is amazing.

Kym Volp, Evolve Scientific Recruitment

Seamless Integrations

Easily send documents by integrating into all the tools you use everyday, including your proprietary company systems.

Streamline Your Document Processes with Secured Signing's Digital Signatures

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