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Digital Signature’s Online Service Helps Evolve Scientific Recruitment Meet Tight Deadlines


At Evolve Scientific Recruitment, a leading Australian technical recruitment company with offices spread around the country, meeting a tight mine labor hiring deadline is taken very seriously. Kym Volp, Queensland State Manager at Evolve Scientific Recruitment recognizes how crucial it is for major recruitment projects to place large numbers of staff on very short notice. She is also conscious of the equal importance of getting candidates’ signatures on dozens of forms as part of the required paper work that must be completed to meet legislative and occupational health conditions.

“Clients (employers) need to get those people onsite as fast as possible; but we can’t afford to miss any of the paperwork,” Ms Volp explained. “Pages and pages with the right signatures are required before a person can legally walk onto a job site and start working. With the mail system, people would inevitably forget to send back all the documents, or they would accidentally omit a signature somewhere. That meant the person couldn’t start work and would create labour problems for the client. We would waste time chasing the forms and making continual phone calls to request missing items. Even when we tried e-mail, candidates would need to print and then post back because people don’t generally have access to scanners.”

Evolve’s senior managers realized that going paperless with Secured Signing’s digital signature solution would facilitate a prompt, compliant, and secure recruitment process that would quickly set up for a fast turnover of documents. Such a capability would allow Evolve’s clients and candidates the ability to fill-in and sign electronic forms — and its consultants to digitally sign and invite others to sign, to manage and monitor the signing process, and to view progress reports all online and in real time. Moreover, the electronic signing solution would improve their efficiency, significantly reduce operational and processing costs, and notably enhance customer service.

Business requirements

As a specialized recruitment company for laboratories and other technical areas across Australia, Evolve were looking to replace their crucial, yet inefficient and time-consuming recruitment process with a robust and trusted comprehensive electronic solution. With very large projects that often require the placement of 50 to 100 temporary staff — some in remote locations at short notice — the solution would need to offer candidates the ability to promptly fill-in and sign large number of forms from anywhere, anytime. An added critical requirement for the online process included compliance specifications and security measures that would ensure data integrity and signatory’s non-repudiation.

Ms Volp and her business team found that Secured Signing’s customized solution met these requirements, and provided additional features particularly designed for the recruitment industry. The user-based PKI digital signature technology seals the signed forms guaranteeing signer identity and content. The system complies with e-Signature laws worldwide (ESIGN, UETA, ETA in NZ, AUS, UK, SA, and many more), and is valid and legally enforceable as an equivalent to a signed paper contract.

Meeting Evolve’s requirements for compatible electronic recruitment process, workflow and documents were analyzed and professionally modified into HTML online customized forms branded with Evolve’s logo and color scheme.

Applying new processes

Prior to implementing Secured Signing’s solution, obtaining signed forms and related documents from candidates involved a lengthy, inefficient, ink-on-paper process. Today, candidates’ fill-in and sign forms promptly while following business rule validation that makes sure all data is included, and easily uploads related documents (e.g. certificates and transcripts of qualifications). Evolve’s consultants now monitor progress in online real-time, and manage the signing process, resulting in employers who are satisfied with the timely and efficient staffing.

While the Secured Signing solution enables the streamlining of Evolve’s recruitment workflow, it also implements additional items such as the automated e-mail reminder system: “We just set the deadline for each candidate, and the system takes care of the reminders for us,” said Ms. Volp. “This invaluable feature has reduced time and frustration for all concerned.” Once the signing process completed, all parties involved automatically receive the signed document in electronic format.

Candidates, clients, and Evolve’s Recruitment Scientific team and consultants are extremely pleased with the outcome of the Secured Signing’s solution’s implementation: “we issue the links and people get back to us overnight, or even within the hour. The technology is totally embedded in our business now,” said Ms Volp. For her, the following is an essential part of the successful adoption: “Secured Signing were very fast and responsive whenever we asked for something. Their customer service is amazing.”

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Evolve Scientific Recruitment has brought together many of Australia’s most experienced specialist scientific recruiters into a new, flexible, boutique agency. On average, each consultant has more than eight years’ scientific recruitment experience as well as scientific qualifications and industry (laboratory) experience. Evolve offers both temporary and permanent recruitment services across Australia at very economical rates. Evolve has offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth.

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