Secured Signing Efficient Recruitment

Manpower Group Selects Secured Signing for Fast and Efficient Recruitment Practices


Shorten and improve candidates’ registration and On-Boarding process
Enhance the Candidate experience with ManpowerGroup holistically



Secured Signing’s online signing platform, branded forms, and workflow process efficiency model designed to meet ManpowerGroup’s requirements



60% cut in candidates’ registration time, removal of all paperwork from On-boarding processes, easier to save, store, and access information, increased candidates satisfaction and view of ManpowerGroup.



When ManpowerGroup identified a core component for successful recruitment operation lies with a candidate’s registration and on-boarding processes, the business made the decision to implement an advanced electronic system. The form completion and signing processes offered by the Secured Signing platform were identified as the trusted online digital signature service provider.

“When we partnered with Secured Signing, we saw an opportunity to enhance our relationship with our candidates by providing them with greater flexibility as well as providing our consultant with an error-proof process to remove non-value-added time from their daily activities,” says Paul Bridgewater, General Manager, Manpower.

Manpower candidates were completing and signing their paperwork using a paper-based system that required the candidate to either travel to Manpower’s offices, or receive and send back a mailed package that was frequently returned with half the forms, missing a signature, or absent other required relevant information. These time-consuming practices caused frustration to all parties involved (candidates, Manpower’s consultants, and clients), and often delayed the much-needed placement of a new employee.



Secured Signing’s PKI digital signature technology recreated ManpowerGroup’s paper-based registration forms into a secure and compliant branded eForm fill-in and signing process. Manpower’s consultant sends the candidate an email invitation with a link and assigned time for completion, and is able to manage and view the online progress report in real time.

While the system continues to take care of reminders, it provides the candidates with the flexibility to complete their registration pack and sign from anywhere, at any time, using any device. Business rules validation, embed in the forms, ensure a candidate will only be able to enter valid data (e.g. TFN, Bank account number, ABN number etc.), which eliminates common recurring mistakes that created blockages in the process.

To keep their paperless practices with their walk-in candidates, ManpowerGroup employed Secured Signing’s Kiosk feature that enables the consultant and the walk-in candidate to fill-in and immediately eSign the appropriate eForms at the kiosk workstation.

“While ManpowerGroup’s implementation of Secured Signing’s SaaS solution carries many benefits, it also provides a greater level of security than any paper-related operations,” explains Mike Eyal, Secured Signing Managing Director. “Secured Signing’s Personalised X509 PKI Digital Signature technology issues each user with a unique signing key (Digital ID) that is only available to that user.

The signing action seals the document, and any attempt to change it immediately invalidates the signatures. Furthermore, when the signing process is completed, Secured Signing produces an instant valuable audit trail with exact reference to verify activities and time frames to all involved parties.”



Prior to implementing Secured Signing’s solution, ManpowerGroup’s gathering of accurate and complete information from candidates involved a prolonged, inefficient, ink-on-paper process. Today, more than 98% of ManpowerGroup’s candidates choose to fill-in and eSign their documents online using the Secured Signing system. This practice no longer requires the need to follow up on missing information, saves 60% candidate registration time, drastically reduces need for paperwork to be completed at the office (leaving more time for in-depth interviews and assessments), and guarantees easily stored, and saved, accessible documents.

Further, candidates have commented that it is refreshing and extremely professional of ManpowerGroup to implement such an advanced secure system. This illustrates that ManpowerGroup is truly an innovative organisation, respecting their candidate’s time and supporting them through what generally can be quite an onerous process. ManpowerGroup clearly sees that Secured Signing provides a competitive edge to their business.

“Feedback from our candidates has been exceptional with this implementation and we noted a 6% Year on Year increase in our Net Promoter Score from candidates across the country. Not only has Secured Signing delivered on our expectations, but the team has stepped up and delivered innovative solutions that further delivered on our industry’s’ ever-changing needs.” said Mr. Bridgewater.

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