Digital Signature Software for Loan Signing

Your marketing is digital, but your customers sign old-fashioned paper documents? The use of old-fashioned paper documents will not enhance the customer experience.

digital signatures loan solution

Don't let your Customer Experience take a hit when you pull out
old-fashioned paper documents

Managing finance contracts can be a slow, drawn-out process leading to customers missing out on a time-sensitive part of the sale offer or getting cold feet and backing out of the transaction altogether. ​Even emailing paperwork isn’t an answer for customers without ready access to a printer/scanner to physically sign and email them back. 

And in some cases, there’s a need to ID the signer at the moment of signing, but their schedule prevents them from showing up in person. The stop-start nature of a paper workflow using the mail or scanners prevents what should be a simple process of receiving the required documents and signing them.  

Secured Signing supports your ERP and Finance Management Systems

Send loan documents for signing directly from your document management system. Secured Signing ensures final approved copies are sent to right parties and fully signed documents are returned to you for long-term storage. 


Dynamic MS

FinPower Connect

API – Connect to any System

The Simplicity of Secured Signing Ensures a Streamlined Loan Closing

Your customer can comfortably review and sign loan documents in their home or office, and you receive timely, secure loan closures. Secured Signing lets you: 

Secured Signing is an Essential Tool for any modern Finance Department

Signature Templates

Allow for signature personalization to help ensure accuracy


Reinforce your image by inserting logos or other branding onto your documents​.

Video Signing

Offers live, real-time video sessions between parties where identities can be verified, and documents explained to ensure non-repudiation before they’re digitally signed and sealed using PKI encryption

Send for Signing

One-click function sends packets of documents for digital signatures

ID Verification & KBA

High-level signer authentication that supports more than 4,000 government-issued IDs from more than 200 countries

Signing Completion Certificate

Provides a document log report with information about the sending, signing and document activity involved during the signing process.

​Reminders & Notifications

Conveys notification to the receiving party and to you.

Video Confirmation

Provides authentication and reliability of digital signatures using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).


SMS authentication, KBA, and ID verification can all be used to validate identity during the notarization process. Documents can even be notarized online as needed.