Webinar: Secured Signing for Notary – the all in one RON platform

Secured Signing For Notary - All In One Platform Webinar Summary

Secured Signing Is Compliant

Secured Signing for Notary is a Remote Online Notarization (RON) platform that adheres to all relevant RON laws and regulations, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Secured Signing is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and manages information security within a framework based on related standards such as ISO/IEC 27017 (Code of Practice for Information Security Controls Based on ISO/IEC 27001 for Cloud Services) and ISO/IEC 27018 (Protection of Personally Identifiable Information). You can check out our blog here to learn more.

Feature-Rich and Robust Remote Online Notarization Software

A complete All-In-One RON solution – real-time chat, directly dealing with clients and secure identity authentications. With a variety of features offered to make the notarization process smooth and efficient – you can notarize documents anytime, anywhere. 

Easy To Use Software

Secured Signing boasts a seamless and effortless navigation experience, ensuring that users can easily find their way around. Whether you’re a tech-enthusiast or just getting started online, our user-friendly design makes the entire RON process straightforward and enjoyable.

Flexible Pricing Plans

No hefty initial setup charges or recurring monthly fees. Secured Signing provides adaptable payment options with a minimal monthly access fee. Tailor your expenses to your actual usage, and acquire credits for specific features like ID Verification, Knowledge Based Authentication, Video Signing, and other additional functionalities.

Additional Takeaways

  • Secured Signing provides users with a diverse set of options to customize both signing workflows and branding elements. This adaptability ensures that the signing process aligns seamlessly with individual or organizational requirements, enhancing the overall user experience and reinforcing brand identity.
  • The platform ensures complete transparency by offering detailed audit logs and notifications. This means that users and customers can access comprehensive records of activities and receive timely notifications, providing a thorough overview of all events within the session. 
  • Video Signing and Remote Online Notarization options are available for added security and legal compliance.

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