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Save your staff & customers time with easy-to-use RON software built specially for In-House Notaries

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Why Choose Secured Signing

Pay As You Go

Pay as you go – no large monthly fixed fees or setup costs. 

Save Time

Increase revenue with digital, paper-free processes that don’t require travelling time.

No Middleman

Deal with your own customers directly and charge them whatever you want. 


Customize the platform with your branding to promote, protect and build your business.

Trusted by Title and Closing Companies

Westcore Land Title Insurance

Westcor Land Title
Insurance Company

Agents National Title Insurance

Agents National Title Insurance

First American Title

First American Title

Stewart Title

Stewart Title

Easy to use, all-in-one software with customizable features to perform notarizations how you want

Secure Document Signing

Securely sign documents with our PKI X509 Digital Signature software. Changes to the document after signing invalidates the signature.

2-Factor Authentication

Enable 2-factor authentication for stronger identity verification. A unique code is sent via SMS to the signer.

KBA Authentication

Verify signer identity with Q&A. Database checks personal history. 80% accuracy needed to proceed. Retry Q&A after 24 hours.

Live Video Signing Session (RON)

Perform live video signing & notarization for documents. Record the session to add to doc. We store the video for up to 10 years.

Digital Signature Certificates

Secured Signing issues X509 certificates as part of the signing process. As some states require a Federal Bridge Certificate. We have partnered with IdenTrust to provide our customers with Federal Bridge Certificate.

Electronic Notary Journal

Use Electronic Notary Journal for record-keeping. Info same as paper-based journal. Accessible anytime, exportable to PDF/Excel. Stored for up to 10 years based on state requirements.

Digital Notary Stamp / Seals

Upload your Notary eSeal and your graphical signature. Automatic notifications when the Notary Commission expires will also ensure you upload your latest Notary seal when required.

ID Verification

Real-time ID authentication via 50+ forensic tests. Automatically checks US/foreign driver's licenses or passports for validity.

Facial Recognition Match

Verify signer identity with facial recognition. Signers take a selfie, and software matches against ID photo. Detects liveness & confidence score provided.

Our tamper-evident technology ensures document security, data integrity & non-repudiation. Whether it’s our PKI X509 Digital Signature encryption, our audiovisual recordings of the settlement or the detailed audit logs we ensure you and your client are protected.

Notary - RON Webinar

Webinar: Remote Online Notarization for In-House Notary

As technology continues to transform the way we work, embracing RON can significantly enhance your notarial services, offering increased efficiency, improved accessibility, and enhanced security for your organization. This webinar will provide you with comprehensive insights, practical strategies, and best practices for implementing RON within your organization

Enterprise-grade Security, Compliance and Non-repudiation

The privacy and protection of your data is something we take very seriously. We offer a secure digital signature technology and a secure platform for executing the signing that gives you all the tools you need for a legally binding and robust document execution.

ISO Certified Security with Secured Signing 2

ISO 27001 Certification

Efficiently and securely generated digital notarial records for all your RON session.

Secured Signing Mismo Compliant

MISMO Compliant

Certified MISMO Compliant Remote Online Notarization (RON) Platform.

HIPPA COMPLIANT with Secured Signing 2

HIPPA Compliant

Efficiently and securely generated digital notarial records for all your RON session.

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