Notary Pricing

Single User Plan

USD $ 9.95/mo
Monthly access fee

Team Plan

USD $ 9.95/mo
USD $ 7.95/mo
for additional notaries (up to 10)

Bulk User

Enterprise and Custom plans for high volumes of documents, users, or both.
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Simply pay for the notarizations you need each month.

In Person Electronic Notarization


USD $ 1.15 per notarization
(average cost)
Average electronic notarization includes one document, one SMS confirmation and one notary seal. See full pricing breakdown below.

Remote Online Notarization


USD $ 10 per notarization
(average cost)
Average RON includes one document for one client, one notary stamp, a 30-minute video session, KBA and ID Verification. See full pricing breakdown below.
Customers pay nothing on top of these rate, and you will be informed of each sessions cost for accurate client billing.
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Features Pricing

Buy Secured Signing Credits for These Features
USD $1.30
Per document notarized (unlimited pages)
First 10 documents of each month free with monthly subscription fee.
USD $1.00
Per notary stamp added to each document
USD $0.15
Per person sent 2-Factor SMS Authentication
USD $5.00
For a 30-minute RON video session with one client
See more details below
USD $3.00
Per person for ID Verification including Facial Match and Live Image Test
Plus 15ยข for SMS verification if ID Verification begins on desktop, and moves to mobile device via SMS link, maximum of two SMS per client.
USD $1.00
Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) Dynamic Questionnaire - per person
Notary Journal with Automated Record Entries
PKI X509 security certificates issued by Secured Signing or uploading/remote connection to your own certificate.
Some states require a Federal Bridge Certificate which is not included, see FAQ below.
Customers pay nothing on top of these rate, and you will be informed of each sessions cost for accurate client billing.

Secured Signing Notarization (RON) Pricing Estimator

How many Documents need to be signed and notarized?
How many Notary stamps will you need?
How many Signers will be in the RON meeting?
How many Witnesses will be in the RON meeting?
How many Guests will be in the RON meeting?
How many Minutes will be used for the RON meeting?
How many Clients need to complete Knowledge Based Authentication?
How many Clients need to complete ID Verification?
Estimated Cost: USD $
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Optional Add Ons

  • Additional Notaries/Users: USD $7.95/month each.
  • Video Storage: USD $5 per month (unlimited videos for Single User / Team Plans only). If not enabled you can still download videos before they are removed.
  • More Video Session Participants: USD $1 per additional participant.
  • Longer Video Sessions: If a video signing session takes more than 30 minutes the additional cost is USD $0.05 per participant per minute. Maximum session duration is 2 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my USD $9.95 monthly fee?
Your monthly pay as you go subscription fee gives you access to the software to use when and as you need with documents and templates saved. We also give you 10 documents signings (worth USD $13) each month for free.
How do payments work?
What happens if my session takes over 30 minutes?
What happens if my customer doesn't turn up to a RON session?
Do I need software/hardware?
What digital signing technology does Secured Signing use?
Do I need to buy a certificate?
What is the Max document file size?

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