Secured Signing Notary Software Features

Core Features

Electronic Notary Journal

Efficiently and securely generated digital notarial records for all your RON session.

KBA Authentication

Verify the identity of your clients and safeguard your business against fraudulent activities.

Notary University

An educational platform designed to empower notaries with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their profession.

Digital Notary Stamp

Securely notarize your digital documents from anywhere, at any time with your very own e-seal!

Digital Signature Certificates

Protecting your RON transactions with secured PKI's technology.

Facial Recognition Match

Ensure the signer is the person shown in their ID with our fast and convenient verification.

Edit Page Mode

Add more pages, remove pages, and change the order of your pages.

Live Video Signing Session

Combine the traditional notarial process with modern technology using Secured Signing's RON

ID Verification

Verify the identity of your customers with our reliable and high-level signer authentication.

In Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN)

Perform a traditional notarial process in the physical presence of your client!

Notary Support for Signature Templates

Create reusable templates to automatically apply signatures and fields to your RON documents.

Advanced Features

Notary Community Directory

Promote yourself to clients and partners, get client documents sent directly to you, schedule meetings, and more.

Notary Queue

Notary jobs within organizations can be assigned to a Queue and any available Notaries can take the assignment and proceed with the job.

Notary Certification & Training

Complete our notary certification training program, equipping you with the tools and knowledge to use RON.

Notary Snapshot

Collect or capture an image of supporting documentation, credentials, or stipulations during the RON session.

Overseas ID Verification

Check IDs against a database of nearly 4,100 ID types from nearly 200 countries, allowing you to expand notarization outside your region.

Whiteboarding in Video Signing

Allows you to draw, and add shapes, text, and more to your document to ease the communication between you and your signer.

Our tamper-evident technology ensures document security, data integrity & non-repudiation. Whether it’s our PKI X509 Digital Signature encryption, our audiovisual recordings of the settlement or the detailed audit logs we ensure you and your client are protected.