Whiteboarding Feature

Secured Signing is proud to introduce an innovative feature that is set to transform the way you approach document signing and remote online notarization.

Our latest offering, Whiteboarding in Video Signing & Remote Online Notarization (RON), empowers users to seamlessly incorporate shapes, text, and more into their documents, making the entire process more interactive and

How to Open White Board - Before Signing with Secured Signing

What is Whiteboarding and How Does It Enhance Your Experience?

The Whiteboarding tool bar, allows you to draw, and add shapes, text, and more to your document to ease the communication between you and your signer.

Here’s a closer look at the key highlights:

  1. Real-time Customization: Empower your documents with on-the-fly drawing, shapes, text, and more. Enhance communication during signing sessions for clear and engaging documents.

  2. Interactive Collaboration: Unlike traditional editing, pre-signing drawings are not saved. Engage in real-time brainstorming with invitees, making your collaboration dynamic and productive.

  3. Post-Signing Creativity: Your document’s journey continues after the signature. Create a new whiteboard with a blank document or integrate your own for further editing. Stay adaptable and responsive to evolving needs.

  4. Participant Engagement: Hosts and notaries actively draw on the Whiteboard during signing. Invitees observe in real-time, fostering interaction and understanding, crucial in remote online notarization scenarios.

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