Notary Queue

Notary jobs within an organization can be assigned to a Queue and any available Notaries can take the assignment and proceed with the job.

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How To Add A Notary Queue

Admin User in Team (up to 10 users/ Notaries) or Enterprise account (unlimited number of users/ Notaries) plan can setup unlimited Queues and can assign Notaries to a Queue base on attributes.

Notary Queue assign to me

How To Assign A Job To A Notary

Once a preparer submits/prepares a document for submission to the Notary Queue any Notary assigned to that queue can select the job. If the document is not pre-prepped the notary can perform that task as well. 

Also, if the notary needs to reassign the job they can return it to the queue which generates another alert to that queues notaries. NOTE; Upon submission to the queue the signer(s) will receive an invitation, no waiting for assignment of a notary.


How To Reassign A Job

In case a Notary took a job but they can’t make it the Notary can assign it back to the Notary Queue and any available Notary in that queue can select it. 

Notary Queue Management

The admin user’s in a Team or Enterprise account plan has full visibility and control of the Notary queues its status and reassignment between queues.