Document Negotiation

Secured Signing provides a complete document workflow from negotiation, to review, all the way through to secure digital signing. 

Including document negotiation as part of the signing workflow is a quicker, more secure and simpler way to finalise the details of your agreement. The seamless transition from negotiation to signing ensures the agreed document is signed without delay.

Document Negotiation with Secured Signing

How document negotiation works

  • The document owner adds the document to Secured Signing, invites the relevant parties to sign the document and selects the checkbox to enable document negotiation.
  • The first signer receives the invitation to negotiate and clicks through to the document, reviews it and marks up the document as required. They can also choose to send the draft agreement to their advisor for input. The first signer clicks Approve to submit their changes for review or acceptance by the other parties to the document.
  • The process continues until all signers have reviewed and agreed all the changes made by all parties.
  • The document signing process commences with all parties sealing the document form further changes with their personal, PKI digital signature.
  • The next signer receives the invitation to negotiate and reviews the changes from the first signer as well as making any changes required to the document.

Document Markup

  • Add Text – Additional text can be added and positioned in the document as required.
  • Strikethrough – Text that needs to be excluded from the agreement is marked up with a strikethrough.
  • Footnotes – Notations and other comments can be included as a footnote with a reference placed against the relevant part of the agreement.
  • Add a Page – There is no limit to the additional clauses or paragraphs added to the original agreement. Additional pages can be appended as required.
  • Save – The signer can save the changes made to the document at any time and return to the document review by again clicking the link in the invitation email.
  • Send to Advisor – Each signer may choose to also refer the document to an advisor for their changes and comments.
  • Approve – Once all the required changes to the document have been made, the revised agreement is approved to submit to the other parties for review and approval.
Document Markup Secured Signing

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