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Simplify your operations with our paper free, digital signing software solution. 

digital signing for recruitment hr and staffing with secured signing

Why Choose Secured Signing


Send candidates NDA’s and job offers securely and allow them to sign digitally to speed up the hiring process.


Send new staff all the documentation you need them to sign digitally such as: payment & tax information, contracts & position descriptions.


Send your whole team policy updates for them to digitally sign + follow them up automatically until they do.

Experience the Transformative Benefits of Secured Signing's
digital signature platform

Improved On-boarding

Ensure your new staff hit the ground running with all required forms sent automatically.

Easy Integration

Integrate with your current software and systems with our existing integrations or API.

No More Paperwork

Printing, signing, scanning & uploading is a thing of the past. Turn any printed form into a digital one.

Save Time Following-Up

We will keep chasing people to sign documents for you and alert you if they haven't.

Automate Processes

Turn your processes into workflows that will automatically send the right forms at the right time.

Ensure Compliance

Increase your compliance and accuracy rates and stop searching for paperwork.

You can even get Documents Signed in a Live, Real-time Video Call

Secured Signing also offers Video Signing – an all-in-one video conferencing + document signing platform where you can get documents signed in a live, real-time video call between two (or up to 50) parties. It’s simple and easy to use from anywhere in the world and on any device with no additional video conferencing required.
With a secure signed document & video evidence showing disclaimers have been read and the contract understood it’s a very effective way to identify who’s signing, prove their intent & ensure document non-repudiation.

Candidates & Staff can also
Sign In-Person

Most business is still done face-to-face, however, with digital signing via email and mobile devices, our platform will simplify everything your HR team or recruitment company does. 
With Secured Signing you can also safely and securely have candidates and staff sign and fill out documents in-person on your computer, a tablet or their own device removing the need for more paperwork in your office. 

We've even built many of Australia, New Zealand and the UK's Government forms directly into our system.

New Zealand
United Kingdom

(any we are missing you can request)

Don't just take our word from it, check out what our customers had to say

Enhanced our relationship with candidates

“When we partnered with Secured Signing, we saw an opportunity to enhance our relationship with our candidates by providing them with greater flexibility as well as providing our consultant with an error-proof process to remove non-value-added time from their daily activities. Feedback from our candidates has been exceptional with this implementation, and we noted a 6% Year on Year increase in our Net Promoter Score from candidates across the country.

Not only has Secured Signing delivered on our expectations, but the team has stepped up and delivered innovative solutions that further delivered on our industry’s ever-changing needs.”

It’s really sped up our recruitment process

“Paper was the bane of our lives, and we had been looking for a reliable and secure way to sign electronic documents for some time. Secured Signing’s solution ticked all the boxes. We didn’t have to change to or buy a specific HR system; it is an extension of our existing systems, so it was agile, quick, and easy to set up with great support from the Secured Signing team.

It’s a new way of doing business, but it’s really sped up our recruitment process and provided some great efficiencies without causing any technical headaches to implement.”

Notary - RON Webinar

Webinar: Exploring the Power of Digital Signatures in the Recruitment Industry

In today's digital landscape, embracing digital signatures can revolutionize your recruitment processes, streamline workflows, and enhance efficiency for your agency. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and deliver an exceptional experience to your clients and candidates.

Seamless Integrations

Made for HR and Recruitment with lots of pre-built integrations into popular software.

Streamline Your Document Processes with Secured Signing's Digital Signatures

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