Unveiling Digital Signatures for Recruitment with Secured Signing!

Discover the power of streamlined recruitment processes through our webinar dedicated to Digital Signatures for Recruitment. Learn how Secured Signing revolutionizes the hiring landscape by offering secure and legally binding digital signatures.

In this session, explore how our platform transforms document workflows, ensuring seamless, secure, and efficient recruitment operations.

Whether you’re an HR professional, recruiter, or part of a hiring team, this webinar will redefine how you handle document signing in recruitment. Join us to revolutionize your recruitment strategies!

Streamline your hiring process with the efficiency of Secured Signing!

About Secured Signing

Secured Signing is a globally recognized digital signature solution, hosted in the cloud, offering a secure environment for businesses and individuals to digitally sign and finalize documents. Employing cutting-edge signing technology, Secured Signing utilizes Public Key Infrastructure Digital Signatures, catering to customers across the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.

Digital Signatures are Legally Binding 

Digital signatures use sophisticated cryptographic techniques to provide high authentication and guarantee the document’s integrity. The cryptographic approach ensures that the content remains unaltered and that the signature serves as a reliable seal of authenticity.

Digital signatures hold legal validity and are recognized as legally binding in many jurisdictions. The cryptographic keys, including a private key known only to the signer and a public key available for verification. This creates a unique identifier for the signer, adding a layer of authentication to the signed document.

How does Secured Signing work for Recruitment? 

Integration with ATS/CRM Systems: Seamlessly integrate with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for a cohesive recruitment workflow. Secured Signing has formed collaborations with prominent systems within the recruitment sector.

Electronic Form Completion: Enable candidates to electronically fill out and sign forms, automatically extracting and updating data from records. This streamlines the application and onboarding process for increased efficiency. Candidates can fill and sign anywhere!

Automated Notifications: Customizable reminder emails designed to expedite the recruitment timeline by prompting timely actions and reducing delays in the document signing process. Additional Notification Recipient allows extra or supplementary notifications for various purposes – keep the team on the loop!

Audit Trails: Maintain detailed logs of document activities, providing transparency and accountability in the recruitment process.

Personalized Branding: By leveraging these branding features, Secured Signing enables organizations to create a branded and professional digital signing environment that aligns to your corporate identity. Let your brand shine!

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