ID Verification

Signer’s Authentication through ID Verification for secure document access.

Secured Signing supports more than 4,000 Government IDs from nearly 200 countries.

Secured Signing’s ID Verification offers high-level signer authentication; a robust solution when compared to standard email link and SMS for multi-factor authentication.

Secured Signing’s powerful ID verification provides
fast, secure & user-friendly workflow for you and your clients

Capture & Analyze

Images are captured and analyzed within seconds, with automatic cropping and detection of ID type and size

Facial Recognition

Selfie matching software tests for liveness and authenticity


Trust the information captured from the ID is correct and ready to use

Authenticate the signer allowing document access to fill out information and sign

  • Captures the front & back of client ID’s using a mobile device
  • Performs 50+ forensic tests on ID’s in real time for authentication
  • Engages facial recognition match & liveness test with a quick selfie
  • Accurate data matching between provided ID and documents used to verify key identifiers.
    E.g. Client first and last name matching
  • Visually checks ID’s during video sessions and compare ID data captured with real-timeaudio-visual technology (video signing only)

Secured Signing's ID Verification performs up to 50 different text- and image-based tests and checks IDs against a database of nearly 4,100 ID types from nearly 200 countries

Key Benefits of ID Verification

Secured Signing enhances this ID Verification process by creating a strong link between the ID and the document through data matching.

Data matching allows you to pull from the data analyzed during the ID capture phase of the ID verification process and compare it to data provided by your client.

Configurable and consistent, Secured Signing lets you choose the parameters to be matched with from your client’s ID, with the system notifying you of the results and letting you decide on how you would like to proceed if the client passes or fails.

Reduce Risk

Quickly and accurately identify fraudulent ID’s to protect your business

Be Compliant

Meet industry-specific laws and regulations

Increase Revenue

Automate and streamline workflows to increase operational efficiency

Facial Recognition

The Facial matching software performs powerful biometric facial recognition match and liveness detection to prevent identity theft and fraud.

A user simply captures an image of their government issued ID and then takes a selfie. The selfie image is compared to an extracted photo from the identity document such as a driver’s license or passport to verify a match and provide a confidence score.

NIST tested algorithm for biometric facial recognition match with optional advanced passive liveness test which requires no action and is iBeta compliant. Prevents presentation attacks from printed images, masks, recorded video or synthetic video.

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