Secured Signing Features and Product Guides

Welcome to the Secured Signing’s Feature and Product Guides. This guide is designed to assist you in utilizing the Secured Signing’s features effectively and efficiently.

Read through common scenarios and tutorials at your own pace for a complete understanding of the process. The tutorials have a comprehensive start-to-finish approach and only a few short minutes to follow. Watch them in action here!.


  1. Setting up your account
  2. I Sign
  3. We Sign
  4. Form Filler
  5. Signature Validity and Verification



Setting up your account

Learn how to set up your Secured Signing account.

Capturing Graphical Signatures


I Sign

Learn how to sign documents online with Secured Signing: I Sign.

Individually Sign a Document


We Sign

Learn how to sign, and invite to sign, with Secured Signing: We Sign.

Invite Someone to Sign
Sign as an Invitee
Invite Someone to Sign with a Witness
Sign as an Invitee and invite a Witness
Sign as a Witness


Form Filler Templates

Learn how to prepare online forms for signing, or fill in and sign as an Invitee.

Preparing a form for Filling and Signing
Fill in and Sign as an Invitee


Signature validity and verification

Learn how to validate PKI Signed Documents with Secured Signing: Verify PKI Signed Documents.

Verify PKI Signed Documents

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