Verifying Digital Signatures

Option 1

Use the Verifier tool on our website

Access the verifier tool from here Signatures Verification.

Click Verify Document, select from the option that works accordingly – eg. Free – Secured Signing Documents and click Upload to add the document you wish to verify.

Click verify to check all signatures embedded in the document are valid.

option 2

Verifier tool in Adobe PDF Reader

Open the signed document with Adobe Reader

Please note this example shows Adobe Reader Version XI

Click on Digital Signature Field > Signature Properties > Show Signer Certificate > Trust tab > Click Add to Trusted Certificates > Ok > Reopen the Signe PDF File

Now the Adobe reader trusted the Secured Signing root certificate and the digital signature able to be verified by Adobe reader.


View other versions below:
Adobe Reader 7
Adobe Reader 8
Adobe Reader 9 and 10

option 3

Verifier tool (Account > Viewer)

Login to your Secured Signing Account and click the Signed tab on the top-right of the page.

Click the View icon under Actions column and then the Verify button on the top left-hand side

Another way to verify your document is click the Check: Verify the Signature on your Document icon

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