Verifying Digital Signatures

Option 1

Use the Verifier tool on our website

Access the verifier tool from here Signatures Verification.

Click Verify Document, select from the option that works accordingly – eg. Free – Secured Signing Documents and click Upload to add the document you wish to verify.

Click verify to check all signatures embedded in the document are valid.

Secured Signing Verifier Tool

option 2

Verifier tool in Adobe PDF Reader

Open the signed document with Adobe Reader

Please note this example shows Adobe Reader Version XI

Click on Digital Signature Field > Signature Properties > Show Signer Certificate > Trust tab > Click Add to Trusted Certificates > Ok > Reopen the Signe PDF File

Now the Adobe reader trusted the Secured Signing root certificate and the digital signature able to be verified by Adobe reader.


View other versions below:
Adobe Reader 7
Adobe Reader 8
Adobe Reader 9 and 10

option 3

Verifier tool (Account > Viewer)

Login to your Secured Signing Account and click the Signed tab on the top-right of the page.

Click the View icon under Actions column and then the Verify button on the top left-hand side

Another way to verify your document is click the Check: Verify the Signature on your Document icon

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