Secured Signing's Seamless Integration with Access RDB Software

Access RDB Recruitment Software is a fully scalable Customer Relationship Management system that thinks and works like recruiters do.
Secured Signing is available as a 360° integrated plugin for Access RDB, providing seamless preparation, distribution, signature, receipt and filing fields for documents and forms in the recruitment process. The plugin has been specifically designed to minimize administration time and costs whilst also offering the most advanced and secure mechanisms to ensure compliance with a range of stringent international standards.
RDB users can create, send, receive and manage all signed documents for Applicants, Clients, Jobs and Placements all from within RDB system. The plugin is available at RDB Store. You need to login to RDB application to access the store.
“Secured Signing saves us at least a day’s effort every week through the removal of data entry and automated reminders eradicating wasted administrative effort. If you are using RDB ProNet then Secured Signing is a vital plug in to maximize the efficiency of your team” Ed Robbins, Operations Director for Fresh Start In Education.
Watch our video how to send a document to a candidate for form filling and signing.

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