Notary Pricing Plans


For businesses that require document signing with additional enterprise-level features including reporting, admin portal, user account management, and more.
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For businesses that need more than 10 users and send more than 3600 documents a year.
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Enterprise-level features include:
Enterprise Admin Portal
Management Reports
Users Account Management
One Bill / Cost Centre
Secured Signing Private Labelling
Accounts Management System
Single Sign On (SSO)


For small to medium sized businesses that require the sending & signing of documents with automation and document workflows.
Business plans start from as little as:
USD $9.95 per user, per month
Optional Addons may include: Video Storage, ID Verification, Knowledge Based Authentication, and more.
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Core features include:
Unlimited Signatures
Live Video Signing (RON)
Digital Notary Stamp / Seals
ID Verification
Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA)
Customized Branding
Electronic Notary Journal

See Notary Feature Matrix

Secured Signing Features
Key Features
Add Attachments
Audit Log Trail
Batch Signing
Digital Notary Stamp Seals
Digital Signature Certificates
Document Negotiation
Document Templates
Document Witnessing
Edit And Update
Electronic Notary Journal
Email Templates
Facial Recognition Match
In Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN)
Needs To View
Notary Certification Training
Notary Community Directory
Overseas Id Verification
Personalized Email
PKI Signature Security
Reminders Notifications
Remote Online Notarization (RON)
Send For Signing
Sign Yourself
Signature Verification Service
Signing Completion Certificate
Signing Due Date
Signing Order Workflow
Signing Process
Video Confirmation
Team Folders and collaboration workflow
Packages (multiple document)
Form URL
Advanced Feature
Bulk Sending Broadcasting
Contract Document Negotiation
Customized Forms (FormDirect)
Document Reviewers
Document Workflows
Face To Face Signing
ID Verification
Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA)
Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)
Smart Tags
SMS Authentication
Video Signing
Administration & Security
Cost Center For Departments Or Memberships
Multiple Brands
Notification Portal
Organisation Dashboard Admin Panel
SSO Single Sign On
Setup teams and departments
RON Features Requiring Secured Signing Credits
Addional Documents (First 10 documents are included in the plan)
UDS $1.50 per document
UDS $1.50 per document
ID Verification
UDS $3.00 per check
UDS $3.00 per check
UDS $1.00 per check
UDS $1.00 per check
Video Signing
Standard: up to 30 minutes, 2 participants
UDS $5.00 per RON session
UDS $5.00 per RON session
With Witness: up to 15 minutes, 3 participants
UDS $5.00 per RON session
UDS $5.00 per RON session
Digital Seal
UDS $1.00 per seal/stamp added
UDS $1.00 per seal/stamp added
Optional Addons
UDS $0.15 per text
UDS $0.15 per text
Additional Video Signing Participants
UDS $1.00 per participant (max. 50)
UDS $1.00 per participant (max. 50)
Extended Video Signing (RON) Session
UDS $0.05 per participant, per minute
UDS $0.05 per participant, per minute
Recording Archive Storage (unlimited cloud storage)
UDS $5.00 per month
UDS $5.00 per month

Secured Signing RON
Pricing Estimator

With just a few simple questions, we can easily estimate the costs you’ll incur for your RON session. So, go ahead and give it a try below, it’s that simple!

Secured Signing Notarization (RON) Pricing Estimator

How many Documents need to be signed and notarized?
How many Notary stamps will you need?
How many Signers will be in the RON meeting?
How many Witnesses will be in the RON meeting?
How many Guests will be in the RON meeting?
How many Minutes will be used for the RON meeting?
How many Clients need to complete Knowledge Based Authentication?
How many Clients need to complete ID Verification?
Estimated Cost:

Security and compliance

The privacy and protection of your data is something we take very seriously.

ISO Certified Security with Secured Signing 2


ISO/IEC Security Management

Secured Signing Mismo Compliant


MISMO Compliant

HIPPA COMPLIANT with Secured Signing 2


HIPPA Compliant Processes


What is included in my monthly fee?

Your monthly pay as you go subscription fee gives you access to the software to use when and as you need with documents and templates saved. We also give you 10 document uploads each month for free.

What happens if my session takes over 30 minutes?

If your session takes longer than 30-minutes you will be charged per minute due to additional costs required for video conference time.

Do I need software/hardware?

No. Neither the notary or the customer need any special software or hardware. Sessions can be conducted fast and easily using your internet browser.

How do payments work

With a pay as you go plan you pay for your actual document and sender usage each month. Your monthly access fee is calculated based on the number of documents notarized & number of users on the account. We charge your credit card at the end of the billing cycle or at plan cancellation for your usage over that period.

What digital signing technology does Secured Signing use?

We use PKI X509 Digital Signature encryption which is the most secure form of digital signing and ensures documents are tamper-proof. Any changes made to a document after signing invalidates the signatures.

Do you have enterprise level plans with custom limits + features?

The type of security certificate you will need to use depends on which state you operate in. Secured Signing can issue PKI X509 certificates free of charge. However, some states require a Federal Bridge Certificate. You can also upload your own Digital Signature certificate or connect remotely to use your own. Secured Signing has partnered with IdenTrust to provide Federal Bridge Certificates.

How do I use optional addons?

To use optional add on features as you need them simply add Secured Signing credits to your account in advance (you can also enable auto-top up). Your credits will then be utilised as you use the features outlined in the pricing table above.

What is the Max document file size?

Notary can upload document file size up to 50MB.

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