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March Recruitment Shift to a Fast and Digital Candidate Registration Process with Built-in Compliance


Speed up and simplify the candidate’s registration process, without taking shortcuts on legal compliance.



Secured Signing’s RDB integration to sign and complete documents digitally.



Fast, digital candidate registration process and built-in compliance.



March Recruitment has always set itself apart by doing business the right way.

For 40 years, the recruitment agency has successfully been matching candidates and employers. They’re proud of the fact that they’ve never cut corners on compliance.

March Recruitment went to great lengths to follow the rules. But now it was costing them business.

Compliance came with paperwork. And paperwork contributed to a poor candidate experience. To continue to grow, the company would need to offer a fast, simple registration process – while still meeting legal requirements.

Hollie Capon, March Recruitment Business Support Executive, explained:

“A huge part of our business is hiring temporary staff. It’s our responsibility to make sure we have all the relevant documents and that we’re compliant.”

Candidates would have to complete at least six documents before they could start working with the agency legally, explained Capon.

These included contracts, NDAs, registration forms and bank details.

“We would send the temporary worker the forms by email. Not everyone has access to a printer or scanner, so a lot of the time the forms weren’t returned. They wouldn’t tell us that they couldn’t do it. They would just not return it, not knowing the importance of (the forms).”

And those candidates that made the effort had to endure a time-consuming process.

“They’d have to borrow a friend’s computer or go to the library. It takes a lot of time if they don’t have access to a scanner or printer.

The only other way was to complete the forms in-person.

“We’d have to meet the candidate face-to-face, which could be quite inconvenient for both parties, (especially) if we had already met the candidate… that’s doubling up the work. If they don’t drive, there’s bus fare.”

It was enough to exclude promising candidates.

“Before we register a candidate, if we called them for a job they’d say, ‘Oh, I can’t do the registration form.’ We then wouldn’t be able to put them forward, but a lot of agencies don’t follow that compliance. So they’d just go through another agency to get the job, and we’d be losing out on business.”

March Recruitment had reached a crossroads.

“It would be choosing between whether or not we wanted to stay compliant and legal. Or do what other agencies do a lot of the time and just (send) candidates for a job and hope for the best.”

Guided by their mission, it was an easy decision to make.

“One of the key selling points of March is (that)… we do follow our processes, but it can get difficult.”

March Recruitment was determined to improve the candidate experience and remain compliant.

That’s when they turned to Secured Signing.

Fast, digital candidate registration process and built-in compliance.



March Recruitment started using Secured Signing’s RDB integration for its registration process.

Secured Signing’s full integration with RDB PRoNet lets teams send documents for signing and build templates that are Secured Signing ready. Recruiters can view the documents they’ve sent for signature and track document progress.

Recruiters can access digital signing and document management right from within RDB. Because it’s an extension of the RDB CRM, there’s no need for extra training or the hassle that comes with managing an additional business tool.

For Capon, the transition was easy.

“I know RDB quite well. I’ve been on a couple of courses for the admin side of RDB so I was able to create the template.”

Because the forms are fully customizable, March Recruitment didn’t need to change its existing business processes.

“I like how unique it can be to our business. It looks exactly the same as our old registration form, we’ve just put the Secured Signing tag on it.

“So it’s not like we’ve had to change the way we receive the data or what information we receive from our candidates. We were able to make it so that it fitted in with our RDB and all the things we need to know from our candidates.”



Since using Secured Signing, March Recruitment’s registration process takes only a few minutes. What’s more is that candidates can complete the forms wherever they are, from any device. March Recruitment no longer needs to chase candidates to return documents.

Capon recalled an experience with a candidate.

“We sent (him) a registration form for a job. And he said, ‘I’m really sorry. I can’t do the registration form right now. Do you have some way I’m able to fill this out on my phone or can I send it back to you in an email?’.”

Before, this might have been another missed opportunity for March Recruitment.

But this time Capon sent the forms via Secured Signing.

“… he sent it back within 10 minutes. Then we sent him for the job. We kept our compliance. We didn’t break our process.

“He didn’t go with another agency because it was easier. And he was really appreciative that we had another option for him. We were able to be flexible with what we could offer him.

Compliance is simple now, too.

“Beforehand, we’d have to check and make sure all the documents came back. We’d have to keep an eye on it to make sure our temps were fully compliant.

“But now it notifies you when a document is due to expire. It notifies you when (the candidate) signed it. It’s just really easy to keep on top of the legal side of it and make sure we don’t have any issues if we were to get audited.”

Gal Thompson, Secured Signing’s Regional Manager, said recruitment firms were searching for reliable, secure ways to complete and sign documents.

“At Secured Signing, we saw an incredible opportunity for technology to transform recruitment. That’s why we’re delighted to partner with our clients to deliver fast, simple registration. Our clients are determined to operate responsibly. Still, they want to offer a high quality candidate experience; that’s more important than ever.

“We’ve designed the RDB integration so that recruitment teams don’t need to amend their existing processes. With the Secured Signing integration, we’ve brought compliance and convenience together right inside RDB – the recruitment software they use every day.”

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