Digital Signature Software for Procurement

Eliminate the slowdowns caused by paper-based systems. Send. Print. Scan – That’s the workflow of the past! 

digital signatures for procurement

Secured Signing ensures seamless transitions from contract development
to order fulfillment

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Drastically reduce time spent chasing documents through the signing process with

You receive verified contracts with legally binding PKI digital signatures. And the rich functionality of Secured Signing allows you to replicate your existing sign-off process digitally.  

The days of documents lost in the mail are over. Now your procurement team can focus resources on bigger projects! 

Secured Signing supports your ERP and Supply Chain Management Systems

Send documents for signing directly from your document management system. Secured Signing ensures final approved copies are sent to the right parties and fully signed documents are returned to you for long-term storage. 


Dynamic MS


Content Manager

Contract Eagle


Your Go-to System to Upgrade the Procurement Process

Smart Tags for Automation

Smart Tags tell Secured Signing who should sign a document and where their signature should be placed in the document. Now you can upload batches of documents and invite people’s signatures with just a few clicks.

Independent Verification

Secured Signing uses public key infrastructure (PKI) standards to ensure the integrity of your signed electronic documents.

Video Signing

Secured Signing offers you live, real-time video sessions between parties where identities can be verified, and documents explained to ensure non-repudiation before they’re digitally signed and sealed using PKI encryption

Document Workflow

Secured Signing provides a complete document workflow from negotiation & review to secure digital signing. Finalize details simply, securely, & quickly before hitting the “Send for Signing” button

Contract Negotiation

Secured Signing replaces messy, confusing email trails with a flexible, structured negotiation process that ensures everyone is always working from the most recent draft

Facial Recognition Match

Verify signer identity with facial recognition. Signers take a selfie, and software matches against ID photo. Detects liveness and confidence score provided.

Audit Log/Trail

Secured Signing’s secure process maintains an accurate, detailed audit trail capturing every single activity. The time stamp that appears with the signature provides the exact second the document was signed

Document Witnessing

Secured Signing gives you the option to prompt the invitee to have a witness invitee also sign their document

Reminders & Notifications

Automatically notify and inform other key staff who are not required to sign as part of a signing process but are required to be kept in the loop.