Contract Eagle

Contract Eagle
Contract Eagle’s brilliantly simple contract management system is enabling businesses across 15 countries to create, negotiate, store and monitor contracts with ease.
Now, in partnership with Secured Signing, the most secure e-signature solution available, Contract Eagle have created a seamless process for ongoing management of contracts from the moment they’re signed and settled.
“Two things can now happen simultaneously within Contract Eagle”, ” Founder and CEO Simon Aspden explains. “You can get the final signatures effortlessly, and begin proper management of the contract immediately.”
“There’s usually a huge amount of work that goes into getting that final signature,” Mr Aspden says. “Sometimes months of negotiation. And when you’ve got it sorted, you don’t want to put the contract in the bottom drawer and forget about it. With these new features, the process of managing the contract begins the moment it’s signed and automatically uploaded back into Contract Eagle.”
“It happens before you even pop the cork on the champagne.”

How it Works

You can use a contract’s status to automatically indicate which contracts are being signed and which have had signing completed. This allows you to track them on your Contract Eagle dashboard and report on them.
Contract Eagle dashboard
You can view an individual contract’s signing progress at any time, resend for signature or cancel – all directly from Contract Eagle.
The signing process is captured in the contract’s audit history.
contract-eagle-signing-history 2

Customizable document templates can generate the contract document for you - and offer signing as a single-click next step.

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