Secured Signing for Hireserve

Enhance Candidate Onboarding: Seamlessly Integrate Secured Signing with Hireserve

Hireserve is a recruitment software that helps organizations streamline their hiring processes and manage the end-to-end recruitment lifecycle. Hireserve offers a range of features and functionalities designed to enhance recruitment efficiency, candidate management, and collaboration within recruitment teams.

Secured Signing’s integration with Hireserve enhances the candidate onboarding and document signing process within the recruitment workflow. Your team can enable electronic signatures for candidate contracts, offer letters, and other important documents, making the process more efficient, secure, and environmentally friendly.

Here’s a general overview of how Secured Signing can be used with Hireserve recruitment software:

  • Candidate Selection and Offer Stage: Once the candidate selection process is completed within Hireserve, and an offer is extended to a candidate, the necessary documents, such as employment contracts or offer letters, can be generated within Hireserve.

  • Document Preparation: The generated documents can be securely transferred to the Secured Signing platform for electronic signature. In Secured Signing, you can upload the documents, specify the signing order, add signature fields, and configure any additional required fields.

  • Sending Documents for Signing: Once the documents are prepared, you can initiate the signing process by sending the documents to the candidate for electronic signature. This can be done directly from Secured Signing or by integrating Secured Signing into the Hireserve system.

  • Candidate Signing Experience: The candidate will receive an email notification with a secure link to access the documents and electronically sign them. The Secured Signing interface guides the candidate through the signing process, allowing them to review the documents, sign using various methods (e.g., typing, drawing, or uploading a digital signature), and submit the signed documents.

  • Tracking and Completion: Both recruiters and candidates can track the progress of the signing process in real-time. Secured Signing provides notifications and status updates, ensuring all parties are informed about the document’s status and completion.

  • Document Storage and Integration: Once the documents are signed, they can be securely stored in the Secured Signing platform or integrated with other document management systems or the Hireserve recruitment software for easy access and retrieval.

By integrating Secured Signing with Hireserve, you can streamline the document signing process, reduce paperwork, and expedite the onboarding of candidates. It provides a more efficient and secure alternative to traditional paper-based document signing methods.

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