How to enable the Invitee Monitoring Portal

Enabling and Accessing Invitee Monitoring Portal: - Video Summary

  • The Invitee Monitoring Portal consolidates all documents requiring signatures for invitees, offering centralized access.

  • To activate this feature, go to My Account -> My Settings in your Secured Signing account or Settings -> My Account Settings in the Enterprise Portal.

  • Once enabled, invitees can access the portal through a link in the invitation email or the ‘Secure Document Access’ page.

  • For new invitees without a Secured Signing account, registration occurs on the ‘Invitee Monitoring Registration’ page with two access options:

    • Enter a password and click ‘Register’ for future access.
    • Choose ‘Login With One-Time Passcode’ for immediate entry.
  • If a passcode is required from the invitation email, invitees can effortlessly resend it by clicking ‘Resend email passcode’ rather than searching through emails.

CLICK HERE  to follow the easy step by step guide to enable this process.

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