Smart Tags

Smart Tags are a way of telling Secured Signing who should sign a document and where their signature should be placed in the document.  

Using Smart Tags takes away the need to manually position a signature block in your document. This makes it even quicker and easier to upload a batch of documents and invite people to sign them with just a few clicks.  

Smart Tags can also be used to add fields in your document that are to be filled in before the document is signed. 

Smart Tags are a great automation tool that will make it even quicker and easier to get your documents signed. 

So, give it a go!

Smart Tag further unique characteristics:

Smart Tag - Send for Signature

Secured Signing’s Smart Tag technology automates document creation and streamlines the invitation and signing process to enhance faster document turnaround and better user experience.

Smart Tag technology enables the addition of a signature placeholder during the document formation process that includes:

  • Signatory’s details: full name, email address
  • Personalised Texts
  • Ability to define signature type: Full or Initial
  • Option to choose the sequential order of signers