Signing Order / Workflow

Set the signing order for your invitees, ensuring an efficient and smooth signing process for everyone.

Secured Signing manages makes your processes, simple, smart and secured with it’s digital signature workflows, especially when multiple signers are involved. 

When the sequential order is enabled, only the first Invitee will receive the Email Invitation. Once signed, the system will then trigger an Email Invitation to the next Invitee and so on.  

The signing order feature is highly customizable and easy to use. Users can change the order of the Invitees from the In Progress tab even when the signing process has started. Any invitations sent to the Invitees prior to the former order will be invalid and new Email Invitations will be generated for the altered signing order.  

With this customizable and user-friendly feature, signing processes will be streamlined and hassle-free!

Signing Order - Enable