Edit Signing Process

Users can now edit signing process even after they have been sent out for signature, allowing them to correct any mistakes or make necessary changes without the need to start tagging over.

This convenient feature saves time and ensures accuracy in the signing process. 

edit signing process details

Say goodbye to document preparation headaches!

This feature empowers you, the sender, to edit almost any part of the signing process after sending the document. No need to start over for a simple fix! Supported for WeSign, Form Filler, and Remote Online Notarization (RON)/Video Signing processes.

Edit Signing Process with WeSign and Form Filler – Above Video Summary

The video will guide you through the steps of utilizing the Edit Signing Process using WeSign and Form Filler:

  • Go to the In Progress tab in your account.
  • Click on the Edit Signing Process button in the actions menu.
  • Modify signers by adding or removing them, and create additional form fillers if needed.
  • Ensure that your documents are appropriately tagged and implement any necessary adjustments.
  • Review and make final modifications in the Invitation Workflow before confirming and updating the signing process.

CLICK HERE  to follow the easy step by step guide to enable this process.

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