RDB ProNet Integration Support Guide

RDB ProNet recruitment software

Step-by-step guidance to using the key features of the Secured Signing service in Access RDB / RDB ProNet software powered by First Choice Software.

  1. Get plugin first
  2. Connect RDB ProNet to Secured Signing
  3. Take a glance at the plugin
  4. Demo & Training Videos
  5. We Sign in RDB ProNet
  6. Form Direct in RDB ProNet
  7. Smart Tag in RDB ProNet

Get plugin first

Learn how to install the plugin.

 Get plugin from RDB ProNet Plugin Store

Connect RDB ProNet to Secured Signing

Learn how to setup the plugin with Secured Signing.

 Register Secured Signing free account within RDB ProNet
 Connect to existing Secured Signing account
 Setup Secured Signing account for your company
 Connect RDB ProNet users of your company to Secured Signing

Take a glance at the plugin

Learn how to manage Secured Signing documents in plugin tab.

 Find the plugin where it is in RDB ProNet
 Keep updated with the document
 Manage document progress in plugin


Secured Signing Demo & Training Videos

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