RDB ProNet: Connect to existing Secured Signing account

(This guide is also available in video format here)

Step 1: Start RDB ProNet

Login to RDB ProNet

Use your RDB ProNet account to login to the client.

Step 2: Open Secured Signing Settings

Navigate to Secured Signing Settings

  1. Open PLUGINS menu.
  2. Click Secured Signing Settings button.

Step 3: Connect to an existing Secured Signing account

Here shows all your account details.

Click the Connect to an existing Secured Signing account button to display a popup with login form to Secured Signing.

Step 4: Login into existing Secured Signing account

Use username and password of your existing Secured Signing accout to login.

Step 5: Authorise your account to connect to RDB ProNet

Since you already have a Secured Signing account, we need your authorisation to connect it to RDB ProNet.

Step 6: Connect successfully


Your Secured Signing account has been connect in RDB ProNet. Start to try Secured Signing features within RDB ProNet:

  • We Sign
  • Form Direct
  • Smart Tag

Do you need anything else?