RDB ProNet: Invite People To Sign With We Sign

(This guide is also available in video format here)

Step 1: Start RDB ProNet and navigate to Secured Signing plugin

Login to RDB ProNet

Use your RDB ProNet account to login.

Navigate to a job editor for a job. (Take job editor for example)

  1. Open HOME menu.
  2. Click Job Index button.
  3. Double click a job in the list, a job editor for the job will show up.

Navigate to Secured Signing Plugin

  1. In the right bottom area of the job editor, click Secured Signing tab.

Step 2: Start We Sign

Open We Sign Setup

Click We Sign button to open We Sign Setup dialog.

Follow these setups to start We Sign:

  • Select documents which need to sign
  • Select invitees whom need to sign
  • Click Start button to start

Step 3: Select documents

You can select documents either from local files in your computer or from RDB ProNet.

Select documents from computer

Click From Computer button to select files in your computer.

You can select multiple documents and invitees can sign them at one time.

We support following document types:

  • PDF Documents (.pdf)
  • Rich Text Documents (.rtf)
  • Microsoft Word Documents (.docx, .doc)
  • Microsoft Excel Documents (.xlsx, .xls)
  • OpenDocument Files (.odt, .ods)

Select a document from RDB ProNet

Click From RDB ProNet button to open a popup.

The popup will grab all documents from current RDB object:

  • Job: Job Documentation
  • Placement: Placement Documentation
  • Applicant: Stored Document and CV
  • Client: Stored Document
  • Client Contact: Stored Document

You can select multiple documents and the popup also show the role, to which the document should be sent.

View the document

After select, You can click the document link to view it, or remove it if selected the wrong one.

Step 4: Select Invitees

By default, We Sign Setup dialog grabs names and emails of a person who’s related to current RDB object, i.e.:

  • Job: client contacts and consultants;
  • Placement: applicant, client contact and consultants
  • Applicant: applicant and consultants
  • Client: client contacts and consultants
  • Client Contact: client contact

You can also add or edit invitee with name and email at this stage.

Select invitees to continue.

Step 5: Start We Sign process

Click Start button to open a popup displaying the selected document to put signatures.

In the popup, there are:

  1. Left of the popup shows the document; if the document has multi pages, you can click arrows to go forward and backward or jump to selected page from dropdown list.
  2. Middle of the popup shows selected invitees.
  3. Right top of the popup is a button, click to fold the invitee area and click again to show it.
  4. Right Middle of the popup is buttons.
    • Add: if some invitees have been selected, click this button to add signature place for them onto documents.
    • Remove: if a signature has been selected, click this button to remove the signature.
    • Next Document: if 2 or more documents need to be sign, click this button to show next document; if there’s only one document, this button will be hidden.
    • Previous Document: if 2 or more document need to be sign, click this button to show previous document; if there’s only one document, this button will be hidden.
    • Finish: after all documents have at least a signature, click this button to go to next step to send to invitees.

Step 6: Place invitee signatures

Add signature

  1. Select page on which to put signatures.
  2. Select invitee who needs to sign this document.
  3. Click Add button to add signatures to current page.
  4. Drag the signature to right place.
  5. If there are two or more documents, click Next Document button to show next document.

Signature properties

After add the signature, the properties will be shown in middle part of the popup. You can change signature settings in it.

  • Invitee details: The name of the invitee.
  • Signature Type: Select between a full-signature or initials. Selecting Initials is much like initialling a paper document.
  • Signature capture format: Specify whether the Invitee can use an E Signature or a scanned signature. An E Signature, whilst still legally binding, can be captured using any of Secured Signings signature capture processes. A scanned signature, however, must be a digital copy of your real signature. Some organisations require signatures to be visibly consistent with a traditional hand-written signature so they can compare how it looks to their copy on file.
  • Default features: Visible text that will be added to signature field. Date and name of the signature are the defaut.
  • Job Title: Include the Invitee’s Job Title with the signature.
  • Reason: Prompt the Invitee to provide a reason for signing to embed in to the signature.
  • Witness: Click “Add Witness” to add a witness signature onto the document. The Invitee will be prompted to invite their Witness to sign the document.
  • Multipage Signing: Allow the Invitee to sign multiple pages once. You specify which pages the Invitee can sign: all pages, odd pages, even pages or specific pages.

Remove selected signature

If a signature has been placed by mistake, you can click it to select and click the red Remove button to delete it.

Step 7: Send out invitation to sign

Click Next to open the signatories’ workflow popup and prepare the signing procedure

Here, you can:

  1. Set a signing due date / time;
  2. Define a specific signing order. (Tick the Sequential box and drag green bar to change order.)
  3. Review the details of the invitees.
  4. Click Send button to send out the invitation.

What’s more, you can:

  1. Edit Invitation Email: add personal messages, edit the subject line to send with the invitation emails,or select email template from the list
  2. Add Attachments: add document / flyer files as attachments to send with the invitation emails. Adding attachments to email invitation has no extra cost.

Step 8: Check status of sent invitation

Invitation process is complete!

The invitee will get the email and a document record will be added into your document list in Secured Signing plug to follow up the process.

Do you need anything else?