RDB ProNet: Use RDB Merge Fields With Smart Tag Documents

(This guide is also available in video format here)

Step 1: Start RDB ProNet

Login to RDB ProNet

Use your RDB ProNet account to login.

Step 2: Open Templates dialog

Navigate to Templates dialog

  1. Open OPTIONS menu.
  2. Click Document Manager dropdown list.
  3. Click Template Maintenance item.

Step 3: Create a new template

In Template dialog, you can create a new template or edit a existing one.

  1. Select a Template Type in left list.
  2. Click New Template button.
  3. In New Template dialog, name the template.
  4. Click Save And Close to continue.

Step 4: Insert Smart Tag tool

In the template editor for the new template, click Insert Smart Tag in toolbar.

Insert Smart Tag tool will come up. Usually there’re 3 steps to create Smart Tag:

  1. Select one of Smart Tag types: Text, Checkbox, Date or Signature.
  2. Setup options for selected Smart Tag.
  3. Click Insert Smart Tag button to add Smart Tag in editor.

This tool will remain “on top” until you have finished. You can edit the template without closing this tool.

Step 5: Insert RDB Merge Field Smart Tag

RDB Merge Field Smart Tag takes advantage of the Merge Field function in RDB Template. It comes with a Merge Field in template. After the template has been merged to a new document, it becomes a normal smart tag with merged value. What’s more, after signed, based on the merge field, the value can be updated.

  1. Click where you want to put the RDB Merge Field Smart Tag in editor.
  2. Select RDB Merge Field Smart Tag
  3. Select the merge field to work with the smart tag
  4. Select whether you want the invitee to update value if the merge field already has value
  5. Setup options for RDB Merge Field Smart Tag, based on the merge field, the smart tag can be a text field smart tag, checkbox field smart tag or date field smart tag. It has the same options as the normal field smart tag
  6. Click Insert Smart Tag button

Step 6: Merge Smart Tag Template

Save the template after finished editing.

Take an example of applicant to see how to merge Smart Tag Template

  1. Open an Applicant editor.
  2. Open Stored Documents for the applicant.
  3. Click New Template (Merged) to create a document from template.
  1. Select the Smart Tag Template.
  2. Name the new document and save it.

The document would look like:

Step 7: Send Smart Tag document to sign

Select the new document from RDB ProNet

Set a signing due date / time;

Click Send button to send out the invitation.

Step 8: Populate data after signed

Check document status

After the document signed, the status will be like:

  • The status will be complete
  • Has Merge Fields will be “Y”, indicates this document contains RDB Merge Field Smart Tag
  • View Merge Fields button will be available

Check merge fields

By click View Merge Fields, you can check what data changed in the merge field, e.g.

  • The applicant’s job title has been successfully changed from “Trainer” to “Office Manager”.

If invitee input incorrect value, you can edit the value and click Save Changes button to correct it.

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