RDB ProNet: Check Document Status, Logs & Verify Signatures

(This guide is also available in video format here)

Step 1: Start RDB ProNet

Login to RDB ProNet

Use your RDB ProNet account to login to the client.

Step 2: Open Secured Signing plugin

Navigate to a job editor for a job. (take job editor for example)

  1. Open HOME menu.
  2. Click Job Index button.
  3. Double click a job in the list, A job editor for the job will show up.

Navigate to Secured Signing Plugin

  1. In the right bottom area of the job editor, click Secured Signing tab.

Step 3: Document list

Secured Signing sent Document list

The list shows basic information of documents sent via Secured Signing, including:

  • Document name
  • Document signing due date
  • Document status
  • Last Signed date of the document

Step 4: Check document status

Select a document, Check Document Status button will become enabled.

Click Check Document Status button to get the latest status of the document.

* Every time you open Secured Signing plugin, it will check the latest status of all documents in progress for you.

e.g. After one of two signatories signed, the status of document will be 1 of 2 Signed.

e.g. After both of two signatories signed, the status of document will be Complete.

Step 5: View document

Select a document, View Document button will become enabled.

Click View Document button to show the content of document as a PDF file.

* the application to open the PDF file depends on your system, e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader if installed

After a document signed completely, click View Document button to check the signatures.

Step 6: View document log

Document log shows action history of the document.

  1. Select a document, View Document Log button will become enabled.
  2. Click View Document Log button to display a popup showing the action history of the document.

Document Log popup

In Document Log popup, it shows following information about the history of a document:

  • Action Date: the localized time when the action happened;
  • Date GMT: the time zone difference of the action date;
  • User: name of who performed the action;
  • User Role: role of the user, such as Document Owner, Invitee, Witness, etc.;
  • Action: the action what the user did.

Step 7: Verify signatures in document

Select a document, Verify signatures button will become enabled.

Click Verify signatures button to check signatures in the document.

Verify signatures popup

In Verify signatures popup, it shows following information about the signatures in a document:

  • User: name of who sign the document;
  • Signature Time: the UTC time when the user signed the document.
  • Is Valid: to tell if the signature is valid or not.

Step 8: View document in RDB ProNet My Notebook

After sent a document to sign, a notebook item will also be created in My Notebook in RDB ProNet to record this action.

You can trace document status and view document content in Notebook.

  1. Open My Notebook by clicking HOME menu then My Nootbook button.
  2. In Notebook, click Secured Signing notebook type.
  3. Document list will show all document sent for signaure.
  4. Click document to view document content and signatures after signed.

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