RDB ProNet: Find the plugin in RDB ProNet

(This guide is also available in video format here)

Step 1: Start RDB ProNet

Login to RDB ProNet

Use your RDB ProNet account to login to the client.

Step 2: Open Job Editor

Navigate to a job editor for a job

  1. Open HOME menu.
  2. Click Job Index button.
  3. Double click a job in the list.
  4. A job editor for the job will show up.

Step 3: Find Secured Signing tab

In the right bottom area of a job editor, there’re a series of tabs to edit a job.

Among these tabs, click a tab called Secured Signing.

*If you just installed the plugin, it is usually the last tab.

Step 4: What’s on Secured Signing panel

On Secured Signing panel, you can find:

  1. Document list: Shows documents you have sent to sign.
  2. Feature buttons: Click to start use Secured Signing features.
    • We Sign
    • Form Direct
    • Smart Tag
  3. Document buttons: Click to manage selected document.

Step 5: Secured Signing in other place

You can also find Secured Signing plugin here:

  • Placement Editor
  • Applicant Editor
  • Client Editor
  • Contact Editor

They all have the same layout and functions.

Do you need anything else?