RDB ProNet: Setup Secured Signing account for your company

(This guide is also available in video format here)

Step 1: Login to RDB with admin user

Login to RDB ProNet

Use your RDB ProNet admin account to login to the client.

Step 2: Open Admin tab in Secured Signing Settings

Navigate to Secured Signing Settings

  1. Open PLUGINS menu.
  2. Click Secured Signing Settings button.

Open Admin tab page

  • Switch to Admin tab;
  • Or click Manage your organisation account button.

Step 3: Setup Secured Signing account for your company

Here shows all your company account details.

Click the Join Secured Signing button to display a popup with details needed to setup your Secured Signing company account.

Step 4: Fill in your company details

Register a Secured Signing company account

  1. The plugin grabs company details from RDB ProNet for you; correct or complete fields if anything is wrong or missing.
  2. Please agree to Secured Signing Terms of Use to continue.
  3. Click Join Secured Signing to setup a Secured Signing account for your company.

Step 5: Company account registered


Your Secured Signing company account has been created.

Next, you need to setup the billing payment for your company.

Click OK button to continue.

Step 6: Setup billing payment

A dialog with the plan details for your company will be popped up. Please read your Secured Signing company plan details carefully.

Please note: Before you can use your company account, Secured Signing requires a Credit Card Authorisation. Click Pay button for authorisation.

Fill in your company credit card information to finalise your authorisation.

Please note: This amount will be refunded within 7 days.

Step 7: Start to use your company account

You have completed to setup your Secured Signing company account.

Now you can connect RDB ProNet users of your company to Secured Signing.

Do you need anything else?