JobAdder Integration Support Guide

A step-by-step guidance to using the key features of the Secured Signing service in JobAdder.

Choose from the below topics:  

  1. Setup / Getting Started
  2. Admin
  3. Settings
  4. Demo & Training Videos
  5. Webinars
  6. We Sign
  7. Form Filler
  8. Form Direct
  9. Dashboard Global View
  10. Document Status View

Setup / Getting Started

Secured Signing is in the JobAdder Marketplace. You can add Secured Signing to your account through JobAdder or contact us here.

Then follow the instruction below to setup in JobAdder to get Secured Signing ready:

 Settings Overview
 How to Connect Organisation to Secured Signing
 How to Connect JobAdder Users to Secured Signing


 Admin – Secured Signing Management
 Admin Portal


 Workflow Settings (Triggers, Post and Pre signing workflow)

Demo & Training Videos

How to Setup Secured Signing for JobAdder
How to Send Document for Signing with Secured Signing & JobAdder
How to Create & Send Document Template with Secured Signing for JobAdder
FormDirect – Customised Forms & Advanced Document Templates
Create Automated Workflow Process with Secured Signing for JobAdder
JobAdder Admin Training Video

Webinars – How to understand Secured Signing in JobAdder

Discover the power of using Secured Signing seamlessly in JobAdder by attending our informative webinars. Dive into various topics to enhance your experience and make the most out of our platform. Don’t miss out – view our webinars today!

Discover digital signatures with Secured Signing for JobAdder
How to get candidate & client documents signed with Secured Signing and JobAdder
Scaling Up Your Recruitment Agency with Secured Signing and JobAdder

We Sign

 Invite Yourself and Other to Sign

Form Filler

 Templates Builder
 Send Reusable Form Templates

Form Direct

 Send online forms to fill-in and sign
 Form Direct Mapping Setup

Dashboard Global View

 Document Status
 My Account

Document Status View

 Document Status

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