JobAdder: Document Status View

Document Status shows all In Progress documents related to Candidate, Job, Application, Placement, Company, and Contact. 

If the user role is Collaborator, you will see the details of all in-progress relating to the record type you have selected or a viewing in. 

If the user role is Standard, if you didn’t send the document, you will not see other in-progress documents sent by other users. 

We recommend to make users Collaborators so you can see each other’s pending documents for better visibility on the record.  

  • In Progress: Documents that have been sent out but not completed
  • Signed: Document that have been completed within the last 7 days. After 7 days, the signed documents will not appear here but they will have been saved back to JobAdder files section. They save back to JobAdder on completion of document or document pack. 

You can also manage the signing process using the buttons below.

You can see / action: 

– The document sent out. 

– Real time audit log. 

– The email invitation sent. 

– Verify signatures. 

– ‘i’ to change the signing process such as, due date, email address, First & Last Name and send a manual reminder. 

– Delete the signing process is you’ve told they no longer want to sign. 

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